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And We're Here

For the last 9 months, I've been obsessively reading everything I can find about the football team. I've tried to make it to as many events as possible. I've done everything I could to figure out what Michigan is going to look like tomorrow.

I have no clue.

The floor for this team is lower than I want to admit and lower than most Michigan fans have ever experienced. One or two injuries in the wrong places and the Wolverines are conference basement dwellers. The ceiling could be as high as second in the conference. I can't see Michigan winning more than 10 games (11 with the bowl), but I can also easily see 7-8 losses.

This is something Michigan fans don't deal with. High expectations dashed to bits by poor performance or predictable play calling, sure. But there's always that knowledge that Michigan will win most of its games and play in a bowl game, that except for maybe one or two games, they are the better team on the field. I don't feel that safety net this year.

Maybe that's why I am more excited for this game than any Michigan game since I've been a student. Even the Epic Greatest Game Ever of the Week 2006 OSU game, which lived up to it's billing. That was big for a game. Michigan vs. Utah is a game for a generation. I get to be in the stands at the biggest epoch in 40 years for arguably the greatest program in college football.

It's a new, uncomfortable yet envigorating feeling. It's an amazing time to be a Michigan fan.

And for the love of God, wear a maize shirt.

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“And We're Here”

  1. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    At least you're an honest expert...GO BLUE!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Not that it really matters *cough* NEWSOME *cough* but is anybody on what is going down in Pahokee right now? I know I am not paying for Rivals Insider...

  3. Blogger Paul Says:

    I'm following the situation... appropriate measures will be taken at the appropriate time.