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2010 Recruiting Primer

September 1st is the first day that juniors can be officially offered. With much of Michigan's 2009 class already committed, we can start looking forward to the 2010 recruiting year. Let's take a look at some potential prospects for the Wolverines.

With two one already committed for 2009, Rodriguez would probably like to take one dual-threat player in this class, though he can hold out for a top-flight one. Devin Gardner (Inkster, reports an offer) and Robert Bolden (OLSM) are a couple of true dual-threat types who are a little closer to home. Florida's Stephen Morris (Miami Pace) camped at Michigan in 2010, where he was impressive. Jake Heaps (Skyline HS in Washington) will likely end up the top player in the class of 2010, and is more of an athletic passer than an athlete who happens to chuck the ball.

Michigan could use 1 or 2 RBs in this class. Spencer Ware from Cincinnati may be the best athlete in the class of 2010, and he is capable of playing QB or RB at the next level. Lache Seastrunk from Texas is a speedster, but will likely end up in Austin or Baton Rouge. Keeshawn Maxwell from Auburndale in Florida is another potential target. Austin White from Livonia Stevenson is close to home and a darn good player as well. Nick Hill from Chelsea is a less highly-regarded prospect.

Michigan is taking several thousand slots in the past couple classes, so one should be plenty in 2010. An outside receiver (or maybe two) will be signed as well. Jeremy Jackson from Huron High (son of Michigan RB coach Fred Jackson) is likely a top target, but he is also interested in several southern schools. Along with Jackson, Florida's Chris Dunkley has reportedly been offered. Dennis Hall from Pahokee (FL) is a former teammate of Martavious Odoms, and could be a slot-dot type. Alvin Hall from Trotwood-Madison could be an outside target as well.

Ricardo Miller is a prospect from Orlando who could end up at WR or TE - and he is liking the Wolverines early in the process. After likely taking a year off from TE recruiting in 2009, Michigan will probably hop back on board with an athletic jumbo-receiver. CJ Fiedorowicz from Johnsburg, IL is one heck of an athletic TE prospect, and he has great size too, at 6-6+. Greg Gainey from Trotwood-Madison could be a target as well.

Michigan has gotten a few solid OL prospects so far, but no top-flight guys. That could be fixed in 2010 if they land a player like Seantrel Henderson from Minnesota (Cretin-Derham Hall). Matt James from Cincinnati could be a top target as well. Illinois's Christian Lombard could end up as the second highest rated OT in the class (behind Henderson) and he likes the Wolverines early, camping in summer '08. Shawn Kamm from Saginaw Nouvel could be a sleeper choice as well.

Michigan has gotten a couple of DTs committed in this class (including one great one in Campbell), but they could use good one in the next class. Doral Willis from Pahokee will be among the top DTs in 2010, and Michigan is well on its way to establishing a pipeline to the muck. Jordan Sanders from Rochester Adams (MI) is a little bit closer to home, though not as highly-regarded.

Michigan needs a top-flight DE in this class, as 2009 looks to give them some good but not great players. Fortunately, William Gholston is right in their backyard, at Detroit Southeastern (he may also be a TE or OT prospect). However, his cousin was a standout at Ohio State, and they might be the early favorite. Keevon Newsome is the younger brother of former QB commit Kevin Newsome, and is a highly-sought after DE. Chance Carter from Illinois and Jamel Turner out of Ohio are also good prospects. Turner is likely Ohio's top 2010 prospect.

Though the class of 2008 was loaded with LBs, 2009 isn't the same story. One or two is probably needed in 2010. Jewone Snow out of Canton McKinley (OH) is the son of former Michigan great Garland Rivers. Matt Rea from Pontiac Notre Dame Prep is another potential target. Pennsylvania's Mike Hull will probably be the nation's top 2010 LB, but it is unclear whether Michigan has a real shot with him.

Michigan fans would love a top-flight safety. Marvin Robinson from Lake Region (FL) likes Michigan a lot early in the process, and will likely be among the tops at his position. James Manuel from Warren Central (IN) is another pretty good prospect, and Michigan has been able to grab prospects from that school in the past. Kevonte Martin from Birmingham Brother Rice is a good prospect on the gridiron, but may be a college hoops player.

A good-to-great corner is always a need, particularly for Michigan's class of 2010, however, as Donovan Warren may be a three-and-done player. Nickell Robey from Frostproof (FL) seems like the best CB in the class of 2010. Cass Tech's Dior Mathis is diminutive but fast as hell. Unfortunately, he may end up a Miami Hurricane. Lorenza Wood from Apopka (FL) is a high school teammate of 2009 commit Jeremy Gallon.

Of course, all these players are only potential targets, and it is unlikely Michigan will land all of them (or even most of them). Other prospects will emerge on the radar, and some of these guys will certainly fall off of it. However, these guys might be a good group to keep an eye on early in the recruiting cycle.

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“2010 Recruiting Primer”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Great primer. Tomorrow morning the "recruiting roundup" on WTKA will talk about some of these guys, including the QBs.