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Recruiting Update 7-21-08

Slow weekend for recruiting news, despite big camps across the south (I guess that could qualify as good news)...

IL OL Patrick Ward. Four-star is considering Michigan, and will narrow to a top 7 list soon.

New Information:
VA DE Will Hill. A bit of fluff involving Michigan.
SC DB Damario Jeffrey. Michigan in his final 7.
AR CB Darius Winston. Despite an Arkansas decommit, he shows up to their senior camp. Also, he no longer maintains that Michigan is his leader.
FL QB Eugene Smith. Michigan makes his top 5.

VA RB David Wilson. Committed to Virginia Tech.
IL OL Zach Martin. Notre Dame commit.

Steven Threet fluff from the Toledo Blade. Cathy Schembechler interview in the Dayton Daily News.

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“Recruiting Update 7-21-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It doesn't look like this week will be so slow. Yee hah!! (I hope)