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Recruiting Update 7-14-08

Much stuff from late last week snuck its way in here because of the JAM PACKED WITH CONTENT nature of Friday's update.

FL WR Rontavious Wooten. Michigan is in his top 4, though LSU leads.
WA DT Deandre Coleman. I'm still convinced Michigan needs to take another DT in this class.
FL OL Andrew Carter. Apparently offered.

New Information:
Pahokee, FL prospects. Will play on ESPN August 30, where many of them also plan to announce college decisions. Also, they got in a huge brawl this weekend.
MD RB Tavon Austin. Wants to have freedom in his college offense. Seems a spread attack would be a good fit for him.
GA WR Braxton Lane. Baseball fluff. At this point, I expect him to be a top pick in next spring's MLB Draft, and would be surprised if he went to college. Hell, we'd definitely take him for both sports.
FL TE Orson Charles. Decision Timeline.
OK RB David Oku. Talks officials (Michigan's is for the MSU game). Video? Video:

Ladies, if you're going to go visit him at work, don't forget to sport some of this stuff.

FL DT Antwan Lowery. Down to two (info in header). I'm betting neither is Mich, since he has visited several other schools.

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“Recruiting Update 7-14-08”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    I think you can say as of right now, FSU is going land this guy assuming he keeps his grades in line. I give UM a 10% chance.

  2. Anonymous ultrablue Says:

    After listening to his interview, I would think that Michigan isnt even a consideration, only a after thought at best.

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    Yeah, I think FSU is a very heavy favorite for Oku. Especially disconcerting is that he's announcing his decision (or at least planning to) before visiting Michigan.