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Programming Update and tidbits

Coming this afternoon: Michigan State Preview.
Coming sometime this week: A classic Bo interview ("classic" in this case meaning "old," not "something seen by people other than those who lived in the dorms circa 1994").
Coming Sunday: The podcast (like usual, but this one that I'm particularly excited about).

For Newsome-worriers: Rest assured (for now). More in the Friday recruiting update.

Jim Stefani has a bit more on DeQuinta.

An interesting discussion that took place in the comments last week:
Why is Indiana having recruiting success in Michigan?
Paul theorized thusly:
I wonder if that means that MSU is getting better players outside of Michigan so they don't have to pick up the crumbs or if MSU is just losing its grip on said crumbs.
I think it's neither. Pretty much all of the guys from Michigan who have committed to the Hoosiers either would never have gotten a High-level BCS offer (sorry Indiana), such as Kenny Watkins and Jamonne Chester, or are sleepers who would have had to wait a while for even an MSU offer, like Charles Chapman and Jeremy Gainer.

The only difference between this year and past years is that Indiana's recruiting class is filling up earlier, so they can grab these sleepers before better offers come, or snatch the other guys away from the jaws of MAC schools.

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“Programming Update and tidbits”