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Varsity Blue

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Podcast: 7/13/2008

Audio only this week. Enjoy.

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“Podcast: 7/13/2008”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    you could have at least posted this video with your audio!

    watch to see how it would have fit so well!


  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Even though Drew Sharp puts a negative spin on his topics, at least he (a Michigan grad) is able to distance himself. This podcast has you guys referring to the Michigan football team as "us" and "we." Too much bias for my taste.

  3. Anonymous Rosey Says:

    I disagree. One of the great things that I appreciate about blogs in general is that it's not supposed to be mainstream media; it's the view of someone that you'd be having a chat with at a bar over a dozen of chicken wings. I'll take legitimate breaking news and an announced bias over slanted/agenda-driven pieces (a la AA News) any day of the week.

  4. Blogger Paul Says:

    Using the first person when talking about a team which I do not play for is a nasty habit which I try not to do. It's easier to be careful in writing than in conversation.

    As far as the bias, I don't (very infrequently) write here because I feel there's a glaring need for another source of Michigan news. I (very infrequently) write here because I'm a fan and it's fun. If you want something unbiased, read the paper.