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Marques Slocum Leaves the Program

After a summer of being the worst-kept secret in Michigan fandom, it's official: Marques Slocum is gone.

Slocum, a defensive tackle from Philadelphia, PA, has left the Michigan football program. After a multi-year sojourn to become academically eligible, Slocum stuck with the school that he had originally pledged to "because they stuck with me." However, Slocum's early career was not without its lumps, as a widely-criticized Facebook posting gained cult status on the internet, and Slocum struggled to stay in shape.

While rumors swirled around Slocum throughout his career with Michigan, it was his incompatibility with Director of Strength and Conditioning Mike Barwis, along with his academic struggles, that finally caused Slocum to give up on his Michigan career. Slocum disagreed with Barwis's demanding style, and has stopped attending team workouts and summer classes.

It is unclear where Slocum plans to go from here, but I wish him the best of luck.

Eligibility Chart updated accordingly.

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“Marques Slocum Leaves the Program”