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Kevin Grady Arrested for DWI

East Grand Rapids's own Kevin Grady was arrested last night in Wyoming, MI (which is no where near Ann Arbor (apparently they don't have such technological innovations as "Google Maps" in Ohio), though I do enjoy the smug/hopeful tone of this post, which was apparently written by a 3rd grader. I have no idea what "Grady had implications [sic] of becoming a starting running back (sharing time with Travis Minor [sic] amongst others) after recovering from an ACL tear last year" is supposed to mean, nor do I know who Travis Minor is).

This will likely be a minor setback for Grady, who is likely to be punished internally, or suspended with reinstatement by the start of the season, for the offense. His presence in the Utah game would be very helpful, as I believe the inside run game is the Utes' biggest deficiency on defense.

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“Kevin Grady Arrested for DWI”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Obviously, that third grader has the same terrible writing skills as Tim. Yet again, another sub-par post.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Am I supposed to apologize for my ability to complete a sentence without 2 errors?