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Recruiting Update 6-6-08

The Board. Pretty much all stuff will be in guys whose status (offered, on/off the board, etc.) has changed. Additional substantive update coming Monday.

Moved to Committed
MN WR Bryce McNeal.
FL WR Jeremy Gallon. Also added to the board in this update. He will probably be a slot.

NJ DE Anthony LaLota. Michigan has offered.
FL WR Jeremy Gallon. Offered and also committed.
IL OL Michael Schofield. Offered.

New Information
TN OT Alex Bullard. He will make a decision today. Probably for TN or ND, though M is still in it until the end.
FL RB Vincent Smith. Offered.
Others Monday.

MI TE Reid Fragel. Ohio State commit.
NY DE Andre Civil. Rutgers commit.
LA OL Chris Faulk. LSU commit.
NC RB Desmond Scott. Rutgers commit.
FL WR Nu'Keese Richardson. Florida commit.
NC OL Xavier Nixon. Eliminates Michigan.

It seems like tons of guys were removed, but keep in mind that this is three weeks of action. A couple commits from somewhat highly-touted players should keep people satisfied, at least somewhat. With camps coming up fast, it should be a fun time to follow recruiting.

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“Recruiting Update 6-6-08”

  1. Anonymous Harry Halitosis Says:

    The next 6-8 weeks should be interesting as camps start and other players start to emerge. People need to remember that recruiting sites are only as good as the tapes and info they get. Not every kid markets himself and there are probably many good to great players out there that are flying under the radar. It's those kids that hopefully RR and his staff will single out and offer. And hopefully they will prove to be stars when given the chance.

  2. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    bullard to nd

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    Yeah, I completely expected that.