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Jordan Barnes Goes Blue

Jordan Barnes, a three-star linebacker from Fort Wayne, IN, has given his word to become a Michigan Wolverine. The 6-0, 225 pound product of Homestead Senior High School, picked Michigan over Auburn and Alabama.

Recruiting Notes
Barnes grew up in the state of Alabama, and made it clear that the two in-state schools were his favorites early in the process. However, after attending the BBQ at the Big House, Michigan started making inroads. When he announced his intentions to have a press conference, it was clear that the Wolverines were in the running along with the two 'bama schools. Before he could get to a press conference, however, Barnes committed to the maize and blue.

Player notes
Barnes is a quick linebacker, and he uses his speed to make plays. His combination of good speed and slightly shorter stature make him a fit to end up on the weakside in college. His film shows that he could also move to the offensive side of the ball, where he could be a big, quick FB (MAX in the Rich Rodriguez system).

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“Jordan Barnes Goes Blue”

  1. Anonymous Obes Says:

    funny story, you remember nick perry who decided to forgo instant playing time at UM for bench status at USC? well now he'll get neither. he's ineligiible.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    I take no credit for this joke, but...

    Now I know why he couldn't read a depth chart.

  3. Anonymous Obes Says:


    whoever made that joke is hilarious, and completely accurate

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Dewayne Peace just committed according to Scout.

  5. Blogger Tim Says:

    Good work, loyal reader.