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For those who haven't seen it yet, the alleged away jersey has been revealed on an internet. The picture comes from the Women's Football Academy held in Ann Arbor by the coaching staff. From the looks of it, however, I would say this looks like a practice jersey (cheap numbers, instead of the sewn-on type, and the material looks cheaper than one would expect). I guess we won't know for sure until Notre Dame, unless there is an official unveiling of sorts.
The student t-shirts are also available at the MDen now. We unveiled the design here back in the spring. Again, I'm not enamored with the shirt, and I think "Schedule as shirt design" is a horrible, horrible idea. The AD needs to go back to having people with a clue design the shirts.

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  1. Blogger Jeremy Says:

    The only shirt "designed with a clue" was the 2003 shirt, which was awesome enough to convince the AD to let students try again. One student designed the next two shirts with the athletic department intervening in her second year. Neither shirt was good or appropriate. My argument, that the shirts have gone straight downhill since 2003 and leveled off at mediocre in the last few years, is outlined here.

    So yeah, this year's shirt is just going through the motions. I agree that it's completely uninspired, but I disagree that the students did much better. Still, the AD should be giving them the chance.

  2. Blogger phillip Says:

    I'm thinking we probably find out a little more about the road unis between now and the ND game via MDen / Moe's... (assuming, as you do, that there is no official unveiling).

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It looks like RichRod is trying to bring the WVU jersey over to Michigan. I thought this guy read a book on our tradition.

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    Rodriguez doesn't have a thing to do with jersey selection, and there is no great tradition of away jersey in the first place.