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2007-08 Director's Cup Final Standings

Michigan comes in third. They had been in second before the tabulation of spring sports, but UCLA was able to pass on the strength of their spring programs.

1. Stanford1461.0
2. UCLA1182.0
3. MICHIGAN1161.0
4. Arizona State 1146.0
5. Texas1129.5

This is a fairly standard finish for Michigan, despite relatively poor years in the two biggest sports, football and basketball.

In case you're scratching your head going "Stanford?!," just know that they always win. Always.


“2007-08 Director's Cup Final Standings”

  1. Blogger cspears2838 Says:

    The reason Stanford always wins is the way the cup is structured. They take the results of the top 15 sports. Stanford has 35 varsity sports (Michigan has 22)... it is a numbers game - because they have more sports they have more changes to get better results.

    Cheers --