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Wilpon Complex Already Paying Dividends

The University of Michigan has officially been selected as a host of one of the sixteen regional baseball tournaments. One of the reasons for this is surely the new stadium which I went to for Friday's game against Purdue. It's a great facility for a collegiate baseball program especially in the Midwest. With the new Ray Fisher stadium, Michigan has an advantage beyond the regional tournament.

The NCAA has let it be known that they'd like more geographical diversity in the baseball tournament. If Michigan can win its second straight regional title, they have a really good shot at hosting at the super-regional stage. Last year, if not for the construction, they likely could have hosted, but they did not have the facilities to even put in a bid. The team lost to Oregon State last year, the defending champs, out in Corvallis. With this more experienced team and home field advantage, this could be the Wolverines best chance of making it to Omaha for the College World Series.

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“Wilpon Complex Already Paying Dividends”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    The "I posted" tag never gets old. Now that your curse has been lifted (and the fact the stanley cup will be over with, and the pistons are sucking so won't be advancing), you must attend every game!