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Uhh... Programming Update?

Tim was supposed to come back stateside today around five. Unfortunately, during one of the last night of his stay in Australia, Tim fell from his hotel room (roughly 3-4 stories up). Luckily, an awning broke his fall and Tim is still alive and well. He suffered a back injury, but still has full mobility. I haven't called him yet (the combination of the time change and when I found out about this made it awkward), but what I've heard is that he could be released from the hospital in a day or two.

Needless to say I'm relieved this didn't end as badly as it could have. I heard a partial story earlier today and didn't get the details and (relatively) good news until late tonight.

Until Tim gets back to prime blogging form, you'll have to put up with updates from your's truly. Varsity Blue is truly Tim's blog, and I cannot hope to cover recruiting in the detail he does. Luckily, there is a baseball regional going on this weekend, and my girlfriend is letting me go to it. Hopefully I can snag a good digital camera and have a nice photo album and reactions from the first regional game tomorrow.

Tim's regular updates will resume whenever he is able to. If you want to send your thoughts or well wishes, his e-mail address is in the menu to the right or you can click here

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“Uhh... Programming Update?”

  1. Blogger Max Says:

    Get well soon, Tim.

    The caliber of the Michigan blogosphere hinges on your recovery; I hope it's a quick one!

    Go Blue.

  2. Anonymous The Says:

    He fell from 3-4 stories up!?!? Thank god for awnings.

    He is very lucky to be alive.

    I don't want to assume anything but I hope alcohol wasn't involved.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    wow get better. thats crazy

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    my goodness

    get well soon tim

  5. Blogger Robert Says:

    I saw that one on mythbusters- the awning didn't help much. Seriously, get better soon- I hope you're getting spongebathed by a hot Aussie nurse.

  6. Blogger Nesto Says:

    Get well soon. Tim

    Long time reader but never a commenter. Love the blog. One of the best Michigan sport blogs around.

  7. Anonymous Fred Says:

    Not to sound mean, but how do you fall out of a hotel?

    I bet alcohol was involved and a lot of it.

    Get well.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Tim, hope you heal fully and soon.

  9. Anonymous James Says:

    Regarding: "I cannot hope to cover recruiting in the detail he does."

    Just do what he does and copy it from scout and rivals premium boards.