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Recruiting Update 5-9-08

The Board. Changes I'm contemplating for the next update: moving offered prospects to the top of the chart at their respective positions, instead of organizing by stars. Leave comments on whether you think this is a good/bad idea.

NC WR Jheranie Boyd. Michigan was at his school in late April (and apparently offered). However, Clemson leads (info in header). He won't decide until signing day.
SC WR Alshon Jeffrey. Offer.
SC DB Damario Jeffery. He has been offered.
IL WR Kraig Appleton. I had knocked him off the list for lack of any knowledge about mutual interest, but Sam Webb reported on WTKA that he has now been offered. Michigan mention.

New Information:
MN WR Bryce McNeal. Fluffy stuff.
LA DT Chris Davenport. LSU insiders expect him to end up a Tiger (not surprising).
GA CB Darren Myles. Michigan visits him.
MI TE Dion Sims. Sam Webb discusses his status in the Freep.
AZ DE Craig Roh. ESPN game participant.

TX RB Jazsman Mitchell. No word of mutual interest lately, and Michigan seems to be in enough other RB/slot prospects.

Lots of new adds this week. don't forget to comment on the potential board reshuffle.

Rivals Michigan recruiting fluff. Definitely disagree that offensive recruiting is the most interesting to watch this season. With a couple system-specific guys in the fold, I'd love to see some DEs.

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“Recruiting Update 5-9-08”

  1. Anonymous Skunkeye Says:

    I'll vote for commitments at the top with the rest sorted by *'s. Your blog is becoming a daily stop for me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous a2matt Says:

    It be pretty sweet if you had offered guys in order of their interest in us where that info is available. If not, your other proposed way seems cool. Not that big a deal.

    I also check in a few times a day, love the info.

  3. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    Proposed idea is cool...I was reading the book meat market and found out that the summer camps are probably the one of the most important aspect of finding players and recruiting..do you know anything about Michigan's this summer?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I like the idea of Committed at the top, followed by offered, then stars. Great work on the recruiting updates. This is a daily stop for me. How is the collaborative effort with Mgoblog going?

  5. Blogger Max Says:

    I would suggest commitments at the top, offers, potential offers/(realistic) interested players. Then, within these (clearly defined by a bolded line within the respective positional charts) subcategories, re-rank the players by stars.

    For example:

    A *****
    B ****
    J *****
    K ****
    M ***
    Mutual Interest:
    X ****
    Y ****
    Z ***

    (Bold/Italics just to make things more clear - obviously it'd still be in the current chart form)

  6. Anonymous a2matt Says:

    We lead for Todd Thomas, per GBW.

  7. Blogger Anthony S Says:

    I agree 100% with Max: break it down Commitments, Offers, Interested, and then stars within each of those groupings. I also agree with everyone that this is a great blog. In my top 2 with MGoBlog.

  8. Blogger Anthony S Says:

    Another suggestion: for the star ratings, it's a little hard to see the differences, cause the stars are so tiny. You might make them stand out more by either using some larger yellow-with-black-outline star pictures, or else put a big "5" in large font for a five-star rather than "*****".

  9. Anonymous Obes Says:

    what have you heard about keith nichol transferring to UM? apparently he's gonna do it within a week.

  10. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    googled it and found nothing other than that he is transferring...source? Good pickup if so

  11. Blogger Tim Says:

    I haven't heard anything about Nichol to UM, and I doubt they'd want a 2-year player when 4-year guys like Newsome and Beaver will be eligible to play by the time he is.