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Recruiting Update 5-5-08

The Board. A few guys on the board attended the Tuscaloosa Nike Combine.

FL S Vladimir Emilien. He has received a Michigan offer, but he is another of those guys Ohio State fans are supremely confident about.
LA OL Chris Faulk. Michigan offer. Have to assume LSU is leading. He also plays discus in track.
GA LB Devekeyan Lattimore. He has received a Michigan offer.

New Information:
VA RB Tavon Austin. Link to about 30,000 videos.
FL S Jonathan Scott high jumps.
OH DE Davon Custis. He is fast for a DE.
TN OL Alex Bullard. He is going to cut to 5 schools soon, with the first 3 being ND, Tenn, and Florida. Can UM be one of the last two?
LA WR Rueben Randle. Spring fluff.
PA CB Corey Brown. If he gets an OSU offer, expect them to be the favorite.

Etc.: 2008's Kevin Koger is pretty fast for a guy his size. Barwis fluff from Detroit News.

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“Recruiting Update 5-5-08”

  1. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    wow it really doesn't look very good on the DE front right now...maybe Custis will turnout...We know he's fast