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Recruiting Update 5-2-08

The Board. One formatting note: I changed players' names to links, so if you want to see previous updates involving a particular player, just click on his name in the main board. Soon I will remove a lot of prospects whom I don't see mutual Michigan interest with.

Moved to committed:
Shavodrick Beaver. Commitment article from local paper.

FL RB Jaamal Berry. He has a Michigan offer, though rumors say I should be ready to remove him soon because he will commit to the Bucks.

New Information:
MN WR Fritz Rock. He has apparently had his Minnesota offer pulled. He is a candidate for removal in the not-so-distant future.
SC DE Chris Bonds plans to take a Michigan official visit, and will decide around Christmas. He is also Adam Patterson's HS teammate, which I guess might be obvious, but I hadn't realized until just now.
OH OL Chris Freeman. He is still wide open, and will visit LSU this month.
MI WR Cameron Gordon. Fluff.

A bunch of QB recruits who aren't guys that Michigan would likely take as the third guy in a class, and didn't have offers yet (and would be unlikely to move to other positions).
FL QB Eugene Smith
IN QB Morgan Newton
IN QB Jordan Luallen
MS QB Clayton Moore
TX QB Kolby Gray
IL QB Darwin Rogers
MO RB Ronnie Wingo. No mention of mutual interest in any articles.
Dangerously close to removing MI TE Reid Fragel, who Michigan only wants at OT, and apparently wants to stay at TE.

Nice Rivals video piece on the QB commits. Freep article on same. Also from Rivals: article on Nike camp, featuring lots of UM recruits.

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“Recruiting Update 5-2-08”

  1. Blogger Max Says:

    Good stuff, I like the name-linking.

    Something small I noticed though as I scanned the board: you have Todd Thomas as holding a Michigan offer in the "notes" section, but do not list this in the "offer?" section.