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Mailbag: Who to Recruit?

Double-barrel mailbag this time around. Both questions relate to making decisions on whether to recruit a particular kid or not.

Dave (in Ada, Ohio, my hometown's Ohioan counterpart) asks:
What's your take on recruiting a guy because Michigan really wants his teammate?
To start off, it all depends on whether the recruit in question is Michigan caliber. If he is, he can be a depth player even if he never contributes, and can help with recruiting his friend. Of course, this can backfire if you get the kid you didn't really want and whiff on the one you did want.

Michigan obviously wanted Greg Mathews (he is definitely the best returning receiver on the team), but was their decision for picking him over a similar kid based on the fact that they also wanted his teammate (Lorenzo Edwards in the following class)? Michigan didn't end up with Edwards, but since Mathews was a very good prospect in his own right, they didn't regret landing him.

I think most schools, especially at the high-BCS level, will recruit the best players they can. If two players are the same in their mind, teammates (present and future recruiting classes) can be a tiebreaker.

should michigan recruit instate kids or focus on other areas. i ask because it seems like we are going after a lot of florida kids. thx.
Well, Steven, Michigan is currently going after kids at programs that they have established relationships with. For this staff, that means programs in Florida, and some in Ohio. They don't quite have the relationships going in Michigan quite yet.

As time goes on, they will continue to recruit at the programs they know (along with going for other top-level prospects), and try to develop relationships to the in-state high schools. As time goes on, I think the majority of Michigan's players will come from Ohio (as they pretty much always have), with Texas and Florida providing several players. They will take the top guys out of Michigan, and recruit top prospects from other states as well.

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“Mailbag: Who to Recruit?”

  1. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    good article on threet in the freep...he used the zone read in high school and runs a mid 4.7 according to his high school coach...sounds like he can win the job

  2. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    From research I discovered many of the pass first spread types such as purdue northwestern, texas tech, etc. run around that 4.7 threet runs...he should be good to go next year he has the arm to do it and the work ethic that's for sure

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    You grew up in Ada? I'm from Rockford! West Michigan represent