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Keith Nichol

Former Lowell QB Keith Nichol has stated that Michigan may his destination following his transfer from the University of Oklahoma. Nichol, a pass-run threat, committed to Michigan State, then rescinded his verbal once John L. Smith was fired as head coach. He ended up a Sooner, but received his scholarship release after two years, when he saw that he would likely not gain any major playing time.

Will Nichol end up at Michigan State? He's not a great fit for the Spartan offense, which now features the statuesque quarterbacks that Michigan fans were so glad to get rid of. Nichol also spurned the school (and by extension, the new coaching staff) once, so it's unclear whether he will be accepted with open arms. Still, the current depth chart situation looks perfect for Nichol to come in and take the reins in 2009.

At Michigan, the offensive scheme is more suited to Nichol's athletic ability. However, he grew up a big Michigan State fan, and who knows if he could see himself playing for the University of Puke? Also, I'm not so sure that Rich Rodriguez and co. would want a player who won't be able to hit the field until 2009, and even then only has three years of eligibility. Since Justin Feagin will be able to play in 2008, he will have a year of game experience over Nichol, and he has more athletic ability. By the time Nichol is eligible in 2009, Feagin will be but a sophomore, and (at least) two new quarterbacks with 5 years to play 4 will be around.

So what's the advantage of taking Nichol? It doesn't seem like the smartest move for Michigan from a football standpoint, and I'll be surprised if he ends up here.

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“Keith Nichol”

  1. Blogger dougd Says:

    He would be fine in Rich Rods system. They have no true dual threat at QB to begin the season outside of Feagan(and his ability is questionable), they have 2 high recruits comitted for next season and has no expierence at the college level. At least Nichol spent 1 season at OU and with a year off training with the Barwis and learning the playbook, he should be able to compete for a starting job. The question is does Rich Rod and staff want him? or Is MSU willing to take another chance with him? He has always been a MSU fan, can he get by that to play for UM should they offer him? Does MSU have a schollie to offer him or will he have to walk on till next season when one should be available. UM still has 1 schollie left from the Pryor fiasco and could offer if they wanted. It's going to be interesting to watch and see where this kid lands.....Who knows he could end up in the MAC.