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James Jackson and Devonte Holloman off the Board

A couple big hits to Michigan's recruiting efforts, as two of their top prospects are off the board. Holloman is probably a bigger hit than Jackson, as he seemed to be more interested in Michigan than Jackson did, and will be harder to get back on campus to sway his decision (especially since he was supposed to come here this weekend). Jackson had cooled on Michigan over the course of time, but if Rodriguez and co. really want him, they should at least be able to get him back on campus to visit, as he is an instate prospect.

Both prospects will be removed from the next edition of the Recruiting Board. On a side note, I don't understand how Clemson has consistent recruiting classes that can be described as "kind of awesome" and teams that can be described as "kind of terrible."

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“James Jackson and Devonte Holloman off the Board”

  1. Anonymous 5 Star blogger responder Says:

    Clemson has suffered from Carritis of getting good talent but not being able to fully develop it.

    Also goes to show you that the jump from HS to College doesn't quite pan out based on how recruits rank.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Two words, my friend: Tommy Bowden. If he wasn't Bobby's son he would have been out of a job a long time ago.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Clemson belongs to a very select group - since the inception of BCS, one of few teams with annual top 25 ranked recruiting classes never to make BCS game. Wouldn't be surprised Bowden is using dirty recruiting.

  4. Blogger Anthony S Says:

    Clemson's failure despite talent does not mean they didn't have talent in the first place, 5 star blogger (if that is your real name). It has been shown that there is a strong correlation between ranking and college success (I refer you to the archives of sundaymorningqb.com). Or maybe you think colleges should be recruiting the 2-star players harder.

  5. Blogger Keegan Says:

    It's a Bowden family tradition that started 5 years ago. Recruit great talent and don't develop it or use it properly.

  6. Blogger Keegan Says:

    It's a Bowden family tradition that started 5 years ago. Recruit great talent and don't develop it or use it properly.

  7. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    braxton lane is our guy now