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Isn't This What the BTN is For?

So at 7:05pm tonight University of Michigan will take on the University of Illinois in the Big Ten Tournament. For all of us in Ann Arbor, going to the game is a great option, despite the cold weather. Luckily for fans outside of Ann Arbor, there is a network dedicated to Big Ten sports which has coverage of every single conference championship. You would think that would be the case, but here's BTN's line up for tonight:

While I, like other Michigan fans, would like to see how the Wolverines won the Big Ten outdoor track title, isn't things like the baseball tournament the reason BTN was made? It seems a bit ridiculous to run a pre-produced show about the track championships almost a week after they took place instead of showing the live baseball tournament.

I like the BTN and think, eventually, it will be good for Michigan fans, but it definitely needs some work to get where it ought to be.

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“Isn't This What the BTN is For?”

  1. Anonymous Fred Says:

    maybe if your cable companies would have stepped up to the plate they would have had more money to do the entire playoffs instead of friday, saturday, and possible sunday.

    They are showing 10 hours on friday. 6 hours on saturday and possible 3 hours on sunday. To me that isn't to bad!

    You seem to cry a lot? I am more than happy of what I am able to watch on the BTN.

    We were able to watch the softball regionals last week when no other network picked them up so it was on the BTN and it wasn't suppose to be on there.

  2. Anonymous Fred Says:

    Oh yea forgot something.

    Before the BTN how many hours of Michigan Baseball did you watch during the season or in the Big Ten tournament on TV ... not many I can tell you even if you had the sports packages with ESPNU or CSTV which is now CBSC?

  3. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Last season 3 games were aired on ESPNU and ESPN combined. ESPN carried the opener of the OSU series. That was moved to BTN this year.

    More importantly, they are showing "Greatest Games: 2007 Motor City Bowl, Purdue beats CMU" during Wednesday Games. They also showed Purdue Campus Programming: Vet School: Large Animal Hospital during the day too. This is ridiculous. I went on a similar rant at bigtenhardball.blogspot.com the other day. I'll concede the track and field high lights. That's sharing with other non-revenue sports. I'll even concede not showing the games live as that can be a bit more costly. But to not even tape them or broadcast them at 2am seems like a total contradiction of what the channel was designed to do. I cannot possibly side with BTN vs Comcast if they aren't at least putting out a product worth having on basic cable. I guess you could say they would have more money to put out a quality product if comcast came to an agreement, but even the product they have put out has been generally awful.

    In a lighter note... this is epic.

  4. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    link to article on bell