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Spring Game Quick-Hits

This will be short because I am still cold, wet and quite tired. Multimedia content will be up tonight or tomorrow depending on how busy I am tonight.

Some quick observations:
  • The starting linebackers were Jonas Mouton and Austin Panter on the outside with Obi Ezeh in the middle.
  • Marell Evans was injured and had limited participation.
  • The first team offensive line from left to right: Ortmann, McAvoy, Moosman, Zirbel Schilling.
  • Terrance Taylor worked exclusively with the second team defense. I have to look at the pictures to tell you exactly who played on the 1st team defensive line.
  • Threet looked serviceable; Sheridan did not.
  • Carlos Brown was out. Minor and Grady split reps with the first team offense.
  • Greg Matthews was the best receiver by far and really showed good athleticism and blocking.
  • Brandon Graham absolutely leveled Grady on a zone read.
Blogger isn't liking the pictures I try to upload, so those will be saved for a later post.

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“Spring Game Quick-Hits”

  1. Anonymous MFblue Says:

    please post more info tonight