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Rodriguez's Recruiting in the MSM

Article from the Dayton Daily News, in which the general idea is "so what." The article point out what other outlets (and Joe Tiller) fail to note:
"You know what?" Roundtree said. "It was my decision."
Roy Roundtree didn't switch from Purdue because Rich Rodriguez pulled some sort of trick move, he did it because he wanted to. Forcing him to stick to his Purdue commitment would have helped out Purdue somewhat, but at the expense of the kid, whose welfare is far more important in the grand scheme of things than that of a couple million-dollar sports programs. For Joe Tiller to claim that Rich Rodriguez is the only coach who recruits to the end, Kenny Demens and Brandon Moore would disagree with that:
"Michigan State, Tennessee, Boston College, Louisville ... it was that stress again," Demens said. "It was like I was being re-recruited, getting pulled out of classes, talking to coaches."
"Almost all the schools still recruited me after I committed," Moore said. "If I didn't call them back, most of them stopped eventually. Some coaches started recruiting me a lot harder, like Tennessee, Miami and Duke. Sometimes you think, 'Why even commit?'"
Again, if these guys wanted to switch commitments, they easily could have (including Demens to another Big Ten program). Joe Tiller attempted to slam Rich Rodriguez because it would have been impossible to slam himself for not completing his recruiting season.

Since Rodriguez and apparently Jim Tressel have decided to drop this matter, I shall henceforth stop piling on Joe Tiller's moment of supreme idiocy unless something else comes out.

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“Rodriguez's Recruiting in the MSM”

  1. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    for some reason it's ok for someone to switch away from a new coach but not ok for them to switch to a new coach...odd

  2. Anonymous jimmy johns Says: