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Recruiting Update 4-11-08

Boardasaurus Rex. Big Spring Practice stuff tomorrow (will Michigan get a commit? I wuldn't be surprised, but I'm not expecting it). Don't forget to drop your questions in the comments for the post below.

VA RB David Wilson. A weird message board post from his coach(?) says he has received a Michigan offer.
TX QB Shavodrick Beaver. He now has a Michigan offer, and is liking the Wolverines. Also, he will face Tyrik Rollison's Sulphur Springs team hopefully on ESPN2 this fall.

New Information:
Eugene Smith has reportedly been offered.
Chris Freeman. More basketball information. Seriously, what?
Stephon Gilmore and Devonte Holloman visit South Carolina.
Corey Adams and Devon Kennard visit Arizona State.
MD CB Travis Hawkins plans to enroll early.
Ain't Nobody

Colin Cowherd had many positive thoughts about Rich Rodriguez on Wednesday, basically stating that snake oil and wizard hats are boss. (Link for those with Insider). Jake Long may go first in the Draft.

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“Recruiting Update 4-11-08”