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Post-spring Summary: Offensive Line

Offensive Line
Ortmann (rJr)
MacAvoy (rJr)
Molk (rFr)
Zirbel (rJr)
Schilling (rSo)
Huyge (rFr)
Moosman (rJr)
Moosman (rJr)
Moosman (rJr)
Dorrestein (rSo)
O'Neill (Fr)
Wermers (Fr)
Barnum (Fr)
Mealer (Fr)
Zirbel (rJr)
Khoury (Fr)

Omameh (Fr)

Arriving in the fall:
Dan O'Neill, Rocko Khoury, Kurt Wermers, Ricky Barnum, Elliott Mealer, Patrick Omameh. Redshirts on the way for just about all of them except maybe O'Neill and whichever interior OL is most ready to play.

David Molk was out for most of the spring (with mono), but I think he'll use summer camp as a springboard into a starting position. Though Michigan doesn't lose anyone from this group, the departures of a few players mean that they are still a little thin at the position. Rodriguez likes to have around 16 linemen on the roster, and he will have 15 on the roster next year (including a couple who aren't likely to ever have big contributions).
Class of '09 Offensive Linemen
Player Notes
Recruiting Notes
Xavier Nixon
6-6, 285
Fayetteville, NC
Jack Britt

Considered one of the top OT prospects. A basketball center, he is reknowned for his quick feet. HS coach fluff.
Due to a mix-up, Rodriguez got his film late. Michigan is probably playing catch up on this one.
Marcus Hall
6-5, 295, 5.35
Cleveland, OH

From Ted Ginn Sr.'s Glenville high
Ginn had a beef with the Carr administration, will he send prospects to new-UM? Top 3 of OSU, USC, Illinois would imply otherwise.
Eric Shrive
6-7, 282, 5.10
West Scranton, PA
West Scranton
Deciding after 2008
Likely the midwest’s top OT. Film evaluation.
Many consider Notre Dame a heavy favorite (went to their junior day 2-24). Local paper blog on Shrive's recruitment. Maybe telling: midwest visits do not include UM.
Xavier Sua'filo
6-5, 275
Provo, UT

Being recruited by a lot of top schools. ESPNU Under Armour game.
He wants to take an unofficial to Michigan.
Chris Freeman
6-8, 315
Trotwood, OH

He is also a PF prospect for basketball? I guess that means he is ridiculously athletic for his size, but… what?
Michigan has the Trotwood-Madison connection in their favor for this huge OT prospect, though he is the cousin of OSU LB Marcus Freeman. Florida is also hard on Freeman. He plans to attend several Michigan spring practices.
Chris Watt
6-4, 270
Glen Ellyn, IL
pre-season decision
Viscious interior prospect.
Came to UM junior day. Just like everyone else in the country, he has been offered by Notre Dame (they may be the favorite) (like, seriously). He wants to stay within the midwest.
Quinton Washington
6-4, 320
Saint Stephen, SC

Currently listed at OT, though his measurables project him on the interior.
Lists a lot of southern schools and Michigan.
Khalil Wilkes
6-4, 285
Jersey City, NJ
St. Peter's

Likes playing in spread offenses.
Has interest in Michigan. His dad played at Rutgers, and they can be considered the current favorite.
Zach Matthias
6-6, 305, 5.1
Hemlock, MI

He plays basketball at his size, which means he is likely a good athlete. An in-state semi-sleeper along the lines of Jake Long. Scholar-athlete as well. 1st Team all-conference as a junior.
Expected to attend Michigan's junior day.
Brennan Williams
6-6, 260, 5.2
West Roxbury, MA
Catholic Memorial

Jim Stefani noted that his dad is from Michigan and played at Toledo.
Tahir Basil
6-2, 250, 4.88
Philadelphia, PA
Roman Catholic

Good student, maybe not an elite OL prospect (but S&C could mold him into one).

Ricky Clemons
6-5, 305
Flint, MI
Carman Ainsworth

A little short to be a true OT. Could move inside in college. He's already got the mass, it will likely need to be converted into muscle.
Grew up a State fan, but went to his first CFB game for The Horror.
Zach Martin
6-5, 260, 5.10
Indianapolis, IN
Bishop Chatard

Right around tackle size.
Michigan spring game visitor. Offer is not confirmed as yet.
Henry Conway
6-6, 295
Shaker Heights, OH
Shaker Heights

Not a big-time prospect, but he has good size. Tackle project.
Michigan Spring Game visitor
Not a ton of need here. They will probably be able to hold out for a couple highly-ranked guys (1-2 tackles, 1-2 interior OL).

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“Post-spring Summary: Offensive Line”