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Good News on the Way?

I have received reliable information that there is good recruiting news on the way. In a very good couple of weeks of commitments, this could just add to the great season so far. More information as it becomes available.

(for a hint: see if there have been any prospects' myspace page redesigns lately)

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“Good News on the Way?”

  1. Anonymous a2matt Says:

    Apparently Bryce McNeal's myspace was recently decked out in UM stuff from being Lousiville stuff. I dont have a myspace, so I cant confirm it.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


    I'm assuming that's his page. You can view the page even if you aren't on myspace (I'm not). It seems he's leaning in one direction, but I have no idea which one. ;)

  3. Anonymous DetUMICH Says:

    Interesting on McNeal, though a little less meaningful if he used to have it as Louisville stuff.

    Some other interesting news regarding a 4 star DE Chris Bonds out of SC. His coach said he has this top 7: USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan, Southern Cal, Miami and Florida State.

    No big deal, except he also said this: "He's concerned about academics. He wants to go to a school with a good engineering program."

    While those are some good schools...as an engineer alum, im pretty sure Michigan stands far and above the rest for engineering.


  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    If you can't see it, it is all UM. Helmets, Little M's falling all over the place. I hope the kid isn't messin' with us.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Brian says he is a commit. Told friends yesterday. But he was up at 2 am posting on it. Maybe you were sleeping> Just kidding. Great job over here.

    Loston is going to Clemson. Announced yesterday. This has to help UM.

  6. Blogger Tim Says:


    I have that article ready to go for tomorrow's recruiting update. Thanks for looking out though.

    Though Michigan does have one of the best undergraduate engineering programs (and certainly the best out of that list), I wonder if the coaches/advisors would steer a kid away from that major, as it is time consuming and incompatible with football.