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Fitzgerald Toussaint Goes Blue

Oh RB Fitzgerald Toussaint has given Rich Rodriguez his word to sign with Michigan in February. Toussaint is a 5-10, 185lb back from Isaiah Bell's high school, Youngstown Liberty.

Player Notes
Toussaint is a little guy who is speedy and has great balance. He seems a lot like a poor man's Noel Devine, not unlike Oklahoma RB David Oku. For the evidence, check out his highlight video from Scouting Ohio:

Toussaint will be a slot/scatback hybrid, just like seemingly every player Michigan is pursuing.

Recruiting Notes
Toussaint is the second of three major recruits from Liberty to commit to Michigan, leaving only LB Julius Ferrell - who may still end up a member of this class. He becomes Michigan's 5th commitment for the 2008 class.

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“Fitzgerald Toussaint Goes Blue”

  1. Blogger Max Says:

    Hell of a highlight tape.