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Where are they now?

Michigan's Coaches from 2007.

HC Lloyd Carr is still around the Michigan program, serving an administrative position within the athletic department.
OC Mike Debord has been hired by on the Seattle Seahawks, though his exact title is currently not known.
OL Coach Andy Moeller now serves in the same capacity for the Baltimore Ravens.
WR Coach Erik Campbell coaches the WRs at Iowa.
QB Coach Scot Loeffler is serving in the same capacity for the Detroit Lions.
RB Coach Fred Jackson is still on the staff at Michigan, and still coaching running backs.
DC Ron English is now the defensive coordinator for the Big East's Louisville Cardinals.
DL Coach Steve Stripling is still unemployed.
LB Coach Steve Szabo is working at Cornell.
DB Coach Vance Bedford now coaches the defensive secondary at Florida.

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“Where are they now?”