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Recruiting Update 3-29-08

Now updated to account for Teric Jones commitment.

I don't really intend to update the recruiting board every day, but when something big happens (such as a commitment), it's kind of necessary. Tom Beaver speaks on Grand Haven radio.

OH DB Justin Turner moved to committed. Free Press article.
MI RB Teric Jones moved to committed.

New Information:
MI WR James Jackson wants to do football and track in college. Have him talk to Morgan Trent.
FL WR Andre Debose Track fluff.
OK RB David Oku plans to decide on his birthday (October 10th), if possible.
IL DE Craig Drummond won't take visits until after his ACT is done with. Top 5 of M, IL, USC, Kstate, and Tennessee.
NC S Devonte Holloman will decide after official visits, and maybe early.

Etc.: Steve Spurrier apparently thinks the new clock rules will help teams that run a no-huddle offense (hey, that's us!). My boy John Bacon slams him some Carty.

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“Recruiting Update 3-29-08”

  1. Blogger Andrew Says:

    the bacon piece mirrors my sentiment as well. the AA News series was a little disappointing in that it left me asking, "that's it? seriously??" after all the hoopla, i was prepared for something a little more damaging (not that i mind the outcome). i thought the first day was a setup for something major, but it actually went nowhere. perhaps because there was nothing to find.

  2. Anonymous a2matt Says:

    Teric Jones commits!!!!!

    per GBW.