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Put Your .PNG Where Your Mouth Is

So... it seems as though people don't really care for the t-shirt designs. I have to say, no combination really draws me in or inspires me. A lot of people seem to be nostalgic for the ephemeral student design contest (it lasted 3 years, right?). In total disclosure, my favorite student t-shirt in my time at Michigan, the same four years as Hart and Henne, was the ultra-Nike 2006 edition:

The font, the winged attitude, the message were all spot on especially after the rough 2005 season. Part of it also probably has something to do with the amazing season that happened that year (I have blocked out the last two games).

Now, there aren't really any good choices (you can see them here). I don't dig front 1 and back 2 because of "The Tradition Continues..." and the overly complicated designs. Back 1 is fine. I actually like it, it's everything that the back of the football shirt needs to be. Front 1 is way too simple. So... where are we now?

The Man has let us down, so let's do it ourselves. At least one person has said they could make a better design in an hour, so... lets see them! I'm not quite sure what the endgame will be, but the we'll probably have a vote on the blog among the submissions (or finalists if there are too many). The winner can either make their shirt and have it pimped here or we'll make the shirt and sell it on the site.

There are a couple ground rules:
  1. Shirts must be maize
  2. Shirts should be family friendly (unless really funny)
  3. Try to keep it around 5 colors
I was thinking there might be two different categories: a mainstream shirt and a inside-blogosphere joke shirt.

To submit your design, leave a link to the design in the comments or e-mail the graphics to panel1382 |at| gmail |dot| com. Please submit them as .png, .gif or .jpg. Other formats may or may not work, but I'll try to make it work.

Let's see what you guys have out there. Tim and I know a couple people in the Athletic Department and we may forward the winner onto a couple of them. It obviously won't make a difference this year, but it may help in the future. Who knows? Please try to get them in the next week or so.

Good luck.

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“Put Your .PNG Where Your Mouth Is”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Shirts should be family friendly (unless really funny)

    I've got a new goal.