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Pryor Picks Ohio State

Nobody is surprised, but perhaps this could have a positive effect on Michigan's 2009 recruiting.
The Russell Shepard competition may be over, but other prospects who have less solid commitments may waver, reconsidering Michigan. For any uncommitted dual-threat QB in the 2009 class, this event is almost guaranteed to make Michigan #1 (or at least in the top group) on the list.

Do I think Pryor made the right decision? Not really, because he's going to be in an offense less suited for his skills (Jim Tressell, in my opinion, is a mediocre-at-best in-game coach against anyone but Michigan), and NFL scouts and advisor Charlie Batch all thought Michigan was a better choice for Terrelle.

I won't look forward to the Wolverines having to face him in a couple of years, but this choice has been a foregone conclusion for so long that this doesn't really hurt. It will be interesting to see what Rich Rodriguez does with the final remaining scholarship in the 2008 class. Smart money says he saves it for next year's class.

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“Pryor Picks Ohio State”