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Pre-spring: Possible position changes

This will be the first in a series detailing team information as it as I see it before spring practice.

Prior to spring practice, nobody outside the Michigan coaching staff has a concrete idea of ANYTHING that will happen with the team. Several players on Michigan's squad will undergo position changes, either because their bodies have developed differently, or their skill set is compatible with a different position under the Rich Rodriguez system than it was under Coach Carr. Positions that are essentially the same, but with different terminology (i.e. FB and MX) won't be covered. As a side note, the eiligibility chart has been updated to correct a few mistakes.

Previously undefined positions
Players who hadn't established themselves at any given position (usually freshmen or other young players) or had bounced around during the course of their Michigan careers so far (usually Andre Criswell).
  • Doug Dutch played a couple years at WR, then was a backup CB last year. He may switch back, or stay at CB as a depth player, or even move to safety.
  • Andre Criswell has been a fullback, tight end thingy, and various other things. He doesn't really have a natural position. The staff will try him out a couple different places in the spring.
  • Zion Babb recruited as a wide receiver, but he has played both WR and DB in his first year. He will probably be solidified at one of those positions.
  • Marell Evans came out of high school as a defensive end, then played linebacker and special teams in his first year. He could either learn the LB position better, or be Barwised into a true defensive end, where there isn't much depth.
  • Quinton Patilla is another guy who has bounced around, with stops at fullback (where players without a position go to die). He'll need to have his position defined in the spring.
  • James Rogers was a high school running back, who committed as a wide receiver. Then, he spent most of last year learning to play safety. He might stay there, but it's too soon to consider it set in stone.
  • Avery Horn played running back in high school. He is a speedy guy who will play slot receiver with some RB mixed in. I'd also be very surprised if he didn't get a chance at returning kicks.
  • Ryan Van Bergen is a defensive end who redshirted last year. He has the frame to switch to offensive tackle if he has interest in making the move.

Position moves
Guys who have been playing a particular position that may see a change to something else.
  • Kevin Grady was a running back in his first couple year, then sat out last year with an ACL injury. With the seeming abundance of bodies, he might become an MX, with some major speed at the position.
  • Adam Patterson had been playing on the interior of the OL. With improved strength and conditioning, he might be able to move outside to defensive end.
  • Carlos Brown has been a running back, but he might switch to quarterback, and will likely take snaps at the position in the spring, even there is no plan for a permanent change.

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“Pre-spring: Possible position changes”