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Junior Day and the Night of Champions

Tomorrow night, Michigan will be holding its 2008 junior day. While past Michigan junior days have been held surrounding a basketball game, this year that is not the case.

Michigan will be holding its first annual "Night of Champions," likely taking its name from the famous New York Bodybuilding competition. "Night of Champions" is neither a novel idea nor name, taking place at such schools as Central Michigan, Idaho, and even reclassifying school Western Kentucky. However, it is certainly a departure from the way Michigan has operated in the past. As the name references, this event is a competition between members of the football team to show off their physical improvement from winter strength and conditioning.

Back to the topic of juniors, expect mostly regional prospects (in-state, Ohio, Indiana, maybe northeastern Illinois or western Pennsylvania) to attend. From the recruiting board (and some who have been removed/not added), that would include (my educated guesses on) the following prospects (and definitely several more):

QB Mike Schaaf - Not a dual threat, but could be a good baseball prospect that could pick UM and also play football.
QB Thomas Gordon - A fallback prospect, though his teammates Will Campbell (committed) and Teric Jones (seeking an offer) will almost definitely come.
RB Edwin Baker - He now has a UM offer, though his commitment to Sparty may prevent him from attending.
RB Teric Jones - He may get his offer at RB or slot, and he is one who could commit if the offer comes through.
RB Larry Caper - Committed to State, and new-UM hasn't shown tons of interest, but he could make it in.
Hersey Jackson - He wants a UM offer.
WR James Jackson - He has a Michigan offer, and Michigan wants him badly.
WR Cameron Gordon - Prospect on Michigan's radar who is still looking for an offer.
TE Dion Sims - He has an offer and Michigan wants him. OLSM BBall lost last night so he should be able to make it in.
TE Reid Fragel - Potential future OT could hope for an offer.
TE Mitch Kessel - Probably won't ever garner an offer unless our recruiting class starts (continues?) to suck late in the year.
OT Zach Matthias - He is still an instate sleeperish type guy.
OG Ricky Clemons - Could be looking for a future offer.
OG Aaron McCord - Also a potential DL target.
DT William Campbell - Michigan commit can recruit for the good guys at this event.
LB Chris Norman - An MSU commit.
S Brock Reynolds
S Jamonne Chester
S Shamari Benton

WR Josh Jones - Looking for big name offers. Can he make the long trip during a school day?
OT Marcus Hall - Top prospect. Michigan would love for him to come in.
OT Chris Freeman - From Trotwood-Madison.
LB Zach Boren - Legacy recruit with no scholarship offer.
LB Julius Ferrell
S Justin Turner
CB DJ Hunter
CB Tony Graham - Another Trotwood guy.

QB Morgan Newton - He has been picking up some steam lately, though some doubt his fit in the read-option offense. His basketball obligations have ended.
QB Jordan Luallen

QB Darwin Rogers - His class at Leo High has a lot of prospects.
DE Craig Drummond - A top prospect Michigan would love to have come in.

RB Jordan Hall - Don't know how far he'd be willing to travel for a junior day, both he and Terrelle Pryor are eligible to play in their basketball game tonight, so he might be too tired to come.
WR Je'Ron Stokes - Can he make the 4 hour drive on a school day?
DE Juantez Hollins
DE Jack Lippert
LB Dorian Bell - Michigan would be ecstatic if he'd make it in, and he is currently planning to attend.
LB Dan Mason
LB AJ Fenton
S EJ Banks
CB Corey Brown - Dorian Bell's Teammate. Plans to attend.

Also, NC S Devonte Holloman's lovely mug is featured in the free portion of the latest Scout post about Junior Day, so don't be surprised if makes an attempt to come in.

**BONUS** If Trotwood guys come in, they may be accompanied by some of Michigan's 2008 commits from their school. Same story with Boubacar Cissoko and the Cass Tech guys, and maybe even BB commit Stu Douglass tagging along with Morgan Netwon?
**Double Bonus** If Jordan Hall can make it in, may he bring along uncommitted 2008 uber-recruit Terrelle Pryor? I'm sure Michigan would be very pleased to have him in, especially if he brought his mother with him.

Defensive spring preview coming tomorrow, the last day before the start of spring practice.

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“Junior Day and the Night of Champions”