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Carticle Day 2

Brief summary of Carty's (again idiotic) points:
1. Athletes want to get their degrees (just like just about everyone else at the University).
2. They want to make getting their degree as easy as possible (just like most other students).
3. They go about getting their degrees in a legal and ethical way by taking an easy major (like about half of other students (I'm looking at you, fellow Comm majors)).
4. When one degree (kinesiology) became to hard to get, a number of athletes switched to a different, completely legal and ethical degree path.

Smoking gun, Carty still seeks. 0 for 2 so far. The main frustration for me is that real life journalists and ESPN journalists are going to take this drivel and run with it, giving Carty some sort of credibility that he is no where close to deserving.

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“Carticle Day 2”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if the AA News is next going to an expose about the entire Comm Studies dept, where a four credit class consists of a) checking your email, b) surfing a web page, and c) using Microsoft Word to make a web page.

    A second expose I'd like to see is how all these UM grads get jobs at newspapers WITHOUT a journalism degree/major offered at the U. I mean, if it's a scandal that athletes who get hired by sports marketing firms after their college careers are over took easy classes while they were at UM, then is it similarly a scandal when students who suck revenue out of a university's general funds for a non-revenue producing repetitive (and sometimes plagueristc) 'student' newspaper take 'Naked Eye Astronomy' to fulfill the science requirement on their LS&A degree?