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When an Alumnus Has Too Much Money

Once you are heading a corporation that has over $15B in real estate assets as well as serving on the boards of many influential equity groups, you get a lot of coin. But the problem becomes finding stuff to spend it on. There has to be some sort of upper limit on the marginal utility of another solid gold toilet. So what is a loaded alum to do?
So what is left for him to do with all of his money? Buy a majority stake in the Miami Dolphins, I guess. Wayne Huizenga will remain the controlling partner until he decides it's time for him to step aside or he is asked to step aside. What this means for the Dolphins? Likely nothing. Mr. Ross doesn't strike me as the Jerry Jones type, but rather he just likes to see his name on buildings.

So what could be next for Stephen M. Ross? This seems like the only logical next step.

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“When an Alumnus Has Too Much Money”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Buying land on the moon and buying the Dolphins seem pretty similar, though it's been 35 years since someone walked over the moon.

    For Miami, it's been a common occurrence.