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Signing Day Surprises

Thus far,
  • Ricky Barnum, 4-star center (and former Florida commit)
  • Roy Roundtree, 3-star wide receiver (and former Purdue commit)
  • Michael Shaw, 4-star running back/ slot receiver (and former Penn State commit)
Have all pledged to Michigan this morning. each is surprising to a certain extent, though all are certainly welcomed with open arms. Michigan is waiting on news from Nick Perry, who is announcing in Detroit at 11EST. Prognosticators are split on this one, thinking he'll head to either USC or Michigan. Michigan certainly needs him a lot more than the Trojans. Of course, Michigan is also waiting to hear from Terrelle Pryor, who is not announcing, but still holding a press conference at 12:05EST on ESPNU (and I'd be surprised if it wasn't on News as well). Conventional wisdom on Pryor is as follows:
  • Terrelle wants OSU
  • Dad wants PSU
  • Mom, sister, and Charlie Batch want Michigan
At the press conference, Jeannette Jayhawks head coach Ray Reitz will answer 5 questions that ESPN has kindly given him all week to prepare for, and Pryor will likely lay out the details of his announcement.

UDPATE: Shaw has pushed his announcement back to 1PM. Not sure if this is a good, bad, or neutral thing.

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“Signing Day Surprises”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    So, assuming we don't get Pryor, could Hemingway possibly be shifted to QB behind or in front of Feagin?