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Recruiting Update 2-26

Update courtesy of an apparent commitment of a key target to a rival school.

PA S E.J. Banks. From Christian Wilson's high school, he is and Ohio State target.
KY DE Trevor Foy. He attended multiple Michigan games in the fall.
MI LB Chris Norman. No longer including recruits committed elsewhere without promising info.
Edwin Baker if he commits to State.

New Info:
MI RB Edwin Baker is apparently committing to Michigan State tomorrow, depending on how much weight you put in this random blog post. If he does, I'll drop him without a new post.
PA RB Jordan Hall visited OSU with Terrelle Pryor recently, and it is likely Pryor's decision could influence Hall's.
MI OL Zach Matthias was first-team all conference as a Junior.
SC DE Chris Bonds lists Michigan in his top 5.
OH CB Tony Graham plans to camp at Michigan.
OH CB Damien Thigpen actually prefers the RB position, but will play where needed in college.

If the Edwin Baker commitment happens, they will have a hell of a start to their class (for State).

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“Recruiting Update 2-26”