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Pryor Eliminates Michigan

...and it's over. On to '09.

The author also goes on to snidely (attempt to) rip Rodriguez for his recruiting tactics (covered here) and the document shredding incident, which mysteriously disappeared when it became painfully obvious to everyone except WVU and OSU fans that Rodriguez did nothing wrong.
Worse still, Rodriguez' recruiting antics over the past few weeks have offended the entire conference. There is considerable speculation that what he has done may be working against him.
Recruiting ethics, plus missing documents at West Virginia, have raised red flags across the country.
Note: Not sure on the credibility of this, because it's not sourced at all, and the Post-Gazette website has no mention of it. Plus, the guy who wrote the article seems to be really dumb.

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“Pryor Eliminates Michigan”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I cant believe all the slanderous remarks going around about him. Doesnt anyone believe in actual journalism. If Pryor doesn't come here ok, i didn't expect it anyways. But absolutely talk about one man insulting Rich about accusations that have no evidence is terrible. I guess thats what papers have to do for ratings now.

  2. Anonymous Will Says:

    Neither Scouts nor Rivals has picked up on this. I remain cautiously optimistic...