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Patrick Omameh Commits to Michigan

GoBlueWolverine reports that Patrick Omameh, a three-star offensive lineman from Columbus St. Francis De Sales, has switched his commitment from Cincinnati to Michigan. Omameh only entered the radar of Michigan fans during the month of January, but visited both Michigan and Michigan State during that month.

Omameh is an athletic OT prospect, who currently measures only 6-5, 240, but is expected to grow further. With TE-like current weight, he will almost assuredly need a redshirt year to put on the mass needed to succeed along the offensive line in college. Omameh is also a basketball player, manning the center position in high school. Multi-sport players are typically regarded as perhaps more athletic than their football-only counterparts, particularly basketball players.

With his long arms and projected further growth, expect to see Omameh as a left tackle project in the future. He is also a scholar-athlete, with a 4.0 grade point average.

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“Patrick Omameh Commits to Michigan”