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09 Recruiting Update 2-12-08

Removed FL Safety Willie Downs, who committed to Florida State.
Added information on Russell Shepard (plans to camp at Michigan this summer, linked to his junior highlight video).
Linked to article on MI RB Larry Caper that sounds less than promising.

UPDATE: durr, let's try linking to the board.

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“09 Recruiting Update 2-12-08”

  1. Anonymous matt Says:

    You may want to add Antwon Johnson, DE out of Detroit Southwestern,


  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    His offers and interest so far are on the lower end of the MAC scale. He also seems to be a tweener out of position. I'll leave him off for now, but he is certainly on my radar now.

  3. Anonymous mds Says:

    Chris Bonds has sown interest in us recently, may want to ckeck it out.