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Rich Rodriguez interview on WOLV

Here's the interview:

Here are some comments from the always-classy WVU fans, who are clearly stalking Rich Rodriguez, seeing as how this video hasn't been linked anywhere yet (the comments have been removed due to profanity and lack of class, the standard WVU responses):
I hope his son grows up to be a gay exotic dancer. With a name like Rhett, he's well on his way. Did I say his wife's skin looks like leather?
"I plan on being here for a long time." - WHAT A JOKE!

You realize how he throws promises out like bubble screens. He just PROMISED these 2 douchebags that meatchicken would score another goal. ROD THE FRAUD strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the honeymoon dickrod. It won't last long.
yea dick rod you to face bitch



I'm beginning to learn that WVU fans are about as classless as it comes.

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“Rich Rodriguez interview on WOLV”