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Recruiting Update: 1-30-08

No commits yet this week (though J.T. Floyd is expected to pull the trigger for weither Michigan or Tennessee sometime tomorrow).

Scout has this handy commitment tracker, which gives announcement times and finalists (and, less importantly, guru predictions) for the 30 as-yet-uncommitted Scout 300 prospects. Persons of note to Michigan fans:

#1 Terrelle Pryor, choosing between Michigan and Ohio State 12PM on ESPN, 2-6-08(or is he?)
#54 Nick Perry, choosing between Michigan, USC, Michigan State, and Miami 3PM 2-6-08
#160 Terrence Robinson, choosing between Michigan, Wake, BC, and Houston 7PM on local TV 2-4-08
#293 Martavious Odoms, choosing between Michigan, Miami, and South Florida 3PM 2-6-08
#298 Charles Mitchell choosing between Michigan, Missippi State, Nebraska, and Southern Miss 2-6-08


“Recruiting Update: 1-30-08”