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Recruiting Gone Crazy

Michael Brewster, he of the Ohio State Buckeye Unofficial Recruiting Team, has assembled a group of his friends called the "Brew Crew." This seems a little douchey, but harmless, right? The latest word from Jeannete, PA, however, is that three members of said OSBURT (Brewster, JB Shugarts, and not-yet-enrolled Jacob Stoneburner) are in attendance at one Terrelle Pryor's basketball game. This, in itself, sounds like a great way for NCAA violations to occur.

Let's learn some rules!
13.02.5 Enrolled Student-Athlete. An enrolled student-athlete is an individual whose enrollment was solicited by a member of the athletics staff or other representative of athletics interests with a view toward the student’s ultimate participation in the intercollegiate athletics program. Any other student becomes a student athlete only when the student reports for an intercollegiate squad that is under the jurisdiction of the athletics department. Permissible Recruitment Activities for Enrolled Student-Athletes.
(a) Off-campus contacts. Off-campus, in-person recruiting contacts that are unavoidable incidental contacts between enrolled student-athletes (or other enrolled students) and a prospective student-athlete are permissible if such contacts do not occur at the direction of a coaching staff member

(d) Unavoidable incidental contact. If unavoidable incidental contact occurs between a student-athlete and a prospective student-athlete (even at the prospective student-athlete’s high school), such contact is permissible, provided the institution had no prior knowledge of the occurrence of the contact.
Certainly there is a very clear violation of the spirit of the law if not the letter. It's hardly "unavoidable" or "incidental" for the players to drive 3 and a half hours from Columbus to Jeannette. Where they got the idea and means to carry it out are questionable, but nothing could ever be proven here.

Then, an insider from OSU Scout affiliate BuckeyeSports.com posted the following:
"They were greeted by high fives and hugs"
When it is pointed out that this would take the players into far less murky waters and straight into the realm of "very clear rules violation," the sentence was removed from the premium board.

The Pryor recruitment gets sketchier and sketchier. The OSU enrolled recruits, were they as confident as Buckeye insiders claim to be, would likely not be pulling out all the last-ditch efforts they could. The further this recruitment drags on, the less I want Pryor. Great player though he may be, there seems to be a lot of smoke in the air for there to be no fire.

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“Recruiting Gone Crazy”

  1. Anonymous crimeinal Says:

    Only a violation if they are ENROLLED. Read the rules.

  2. Blogger Michael Says:

    Brewster and Shugarts are enrolled you idiot!

  3. Anonymous crimeinal Says:

    The only recruiting violation you can talk about is Sweat (not Stoneburner), who was also there. He is not yet enrolled. The other two had prior friendship and contact with Pryor, and so are permitted to have contact.

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    crimeinal, you are incorrect. Since they met each other through the recruiting process, rather than before that, the contact is impermissible. In addition, only "unavoidable" and "incidental" contact is allowed. Driving three hours to Pryor's basketball game can be construed as incidental. High-fiving him and hanging out afterwards is a violation REGARDLESS.

  5. Anonymous Nick Says:

    Wouldn't that imply that two guys on the same AAU basketball team can't hang out together after a game once one of them commits to another team? I'm 100% certain that isn't the case (at least in practice, maybe those are the NCAA rules and just no one follows them), even if they first met while playing AAU basketball after the recruiting process had begun.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It is not a violation. The Ohio State verbal commitments in question have not signed letters of intent. Until they do, they are just normal Ohio State students going to a basketball game.

  7. Blogger Tim Says:

    Anonymou, you are definitely wrong. They are attending OSU on athletic scholarship, meaning they aren't "just normal Ohio State students"

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Another attempt at UM fans creating something out of nothing.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    This is a sad effort to say the least. None of them has signed an LOI and hence none of them is a student athlete at this point.

    Another thing never mentioned in this thread... they never talked football.

  10. Blogger Tim Says:

    Both of the last two anonymous posters, read the cited portion of the rules:
    1) LOIs have nothing to do with this situation.
    2) Topics of conversation have nothing to do with this situation.

    Read. Comprehend. Reply.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    yes Tim, your right. That's why it's being reported on a UM message board and not ESPN.

    Rivals.com has even talked to OSU committ Andrew Sweat about his time at the basketball game. If something was wrong with the attendance of those OSU players then don't you think Rivals.com would've brought that up in the interview?

    This is just like the "so-called" OSU assistants that "supposidly" met with a businessman close to Pryor and now Pryor's been seen driving a corvette around (rumor which also started on a UM message board).

    Facts are these things are being discussed because there's a good chance Pryor might go to OSU and not UM.

  12. Anonymous Mike Says:

    While it may not be a "huge" violation, there still must be something there. If not, why would Scout and/or Buckeyesports.com keep editing the articles to take these things out? You claim others are only seeing the Michigan side of things. Aren't you only seeing the Ohio State side?

  13. Anonymous Blank Man Says:

    A couple things -

    1. Prior (haha) contact doesn't matter if they met through recruitment process, so it could still be a violation to visit.

    2. However, the rules state what is permissible, not what it is impermissible. That is interesting in and of itself

  14. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    No violation whatsoever. Brewster and Pryor are good friends (Pryor even stayed at his house a few months back when he was in Florida for some b-ball thing). As I understand it the group all stayed the night at Sweats house after the bball game. They're friends, there's no violation. If the NCAA wants to even try, let them, just wasting their time.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I have a few comments on this stupid and unreliable content. First off, a few friends getting together to watch another friends basketball game shouldn't be a reason to have an NCAA violation. This is just sour grapes on the Michigan front.When you have to go all the way to the letter and spirit of the law to try and beat us then it only shows your desperate desire to beat us at something. How many days has it been since Michigan last beat us? 1500 and counting?

    It wasn't until Dick Rod took over at UM did Pryor even consider that shitty school. You all should be a little more concerned with what Dick Rod CAN'T do and what Big Daddy Tress can. Dick, can I call him Dick?, can't develope quarterbacks. Tressel can and HAS. Ask Tommy Frazier, Eric Crouch, and Charley Ward how well their college experiece running a run oriented offense helped them in the NFL? I know Ward had a nice NBA career, but had he played NFL, he would have been in over his head. Pat White is the only thing Dick Rod can hang his hat on and that is even a pretty shitty example. White won'teven be on NFL draf boards. Tressel will take Pryor and mold him into a pass first run second QB much like he did with Troy Smith. Say what you want about these alleged "deals" involving cars and such, kind of funny coming from a fan base that includes the "Fab 5", the most notorious paid college athletes of all time. You Michigan fans need to worry a little more about what your DICK can't do and what our JIMMY can! Jealous Fucks.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    The last comment sums up an OSU fan ... hostile and retarded! Always quick to shoot off at the mouth, shout out insults and uneducated remarks.

    "White won'teven be on NFL draf boards. Tressel will take Pryor and mold him into a pass first run second QB much like he did with Troy Smith."

    Excuse me I guess all of us U of M fans forgot that OSU was such a QB factory for the NFL. Krenzel, Smith and oh, lets not forget about your boy Herbstreit. All NFL all-pro QBs that have lit it up since arriving in the league.

    You bring up White because that is the only QB you know of that ROD coached. ROD also put Shaun King into the NFL, and he took the Bucs to the NFC Championship game. His success might have been short lived, but it sure as hell is better than what OSU has put out into the league in the last 15 years.

    So spare me that Tressel knows how to develop talent better than ROD, that's an ignorant statement. Tressel coaches at OSU, ROD coached at WVU, I sure as hell hope Tressel put out better talent then coach ROD. He had more resources and better recruits.

    One other thing...

    "How many days has it been since Michigan last beat us? 1500 and counting?"

    I find it hilarious how pompious and smug you OSU fans can be with your recent success. How quickly you guys forget the Cooper era. Just remember pride comes before the fall, and your time will come eventually.

    But I will give you and OSU credit about something. You guys do produce some great football analysts. Herbstreit and George, man, they're great! Shuan King not so much.


    If you don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan, then why in the hell did you make up a song about it?!

  17. Anonymous Wally Says:

    Erik, Shuan King? That's all you got for me? I forgot that Troy Smith won a Heisman. I also forgot all the excellent QB's Michigan has produced. Tom Brady split time as a senior and wasn't shit until he got to the NFL and hooked on with the best franchise we might ever see in professional football. Put him on the Bengals and he's a500 QB. NONE have ever won the Heisman. Tressel took Krenzel and won a Nat'l Championship, bad example. Dick Rod runs a spread offense. Pat White will NEVER take a meaningful snap in the NFL. My point, even as biased as it was is still true, Pryor will be a stud wherever he goes, but going and running the spread option will not do much in terms of him developing into a Pro style quarterback. Tressel essentially took a runningback with an arm and turned him into a Heisman winner. I know the track record for Heismans in the NFL, but Elvis Grbac is not a great example of what Michigan is all about.

    Besides, as long as Dick Rod is your coach, you will never have QB's like the ones you were so quick to applaud, ones that make it to the League, ones that run pro style offenses, and coaches that use pro style quarterbacks. Your boy Ryan Mallet will have a better career than Pat White in the NFL and was probably the most talented and NFL ready prospect the Blue have ever seen. He leaves and goes to Bobby Petrino who guess what, runs a pro style offense. So thank you for proving my point. Best of Luck with your red neck hillbilly coach. I'll give him 3 years until he has your program so mired in violations he'll bolt for another job. This is also the same guy that recruited and played Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, and Noel Devine with his 600 SAT score. SEC teams, who lead the world every year in Non-Qualifying athletes, didn't even recruit that kid. I can only hope Dick Rod brings with him all the thugs and upstanding citizens he had while at WVU along with that daunted spread offense.

  18. Blogger Michael Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Anonymous Wally Says:

    Erik, I also almost forgot to congratulate you on your awesome analyst Desmond Howard. I'm pretty sure he's even on the same show as my boy Kirk. Your arguments are irrevelant and not even supported with factual information. Look at it however you want, but Pryor going to Michigan and runnning a spread option will do NOTHING for him as an NFL prospect. If he makes it, it will be because of his athletic ability, not because he knows how to recognize a cover 2 or 3 soft zone. He'll be real good at reading the unblocked defensive end and if he should pitch it or not. Like I said, these QB's don't ever translate to the NFL. The better choice for Pryor is to get 3 years with Tressel, learn a pro style offense, and go pro. Not run an option for 3 years. You can't really argue with that, not matter how "retarded" you might be.

  20. Anonymous Blank Man Says:

    Wally -

    You're a joke. Any college football fan worth his salt would not start any argument about which program produces NFL quarterbacks when Tom Brady is probably the best quarterback EVER. That's what an OSU education will get ya... You're probably a subway fan anyway.

    Even our "bad" quarterbacks (Matt Gutierrez, John Navarre, Drew) got on NFL rosters.

    Henne will be a 2nd Rounder and was senior bowl MVP. Yikes. Our QBs sure do suck.

    You should've stuck to talking about Rich Rod's QB's. Even then - you lose.

  21. Anonymous Mike Says:

    Wally, you really need to stop contradicting yourself. You talk about all these great college QBs (Ward, Crouch, Frazier) that didnt make the pros, but when Troy Smith is brought up, you go back to his college career. Well guess what, Crouch and Ward won the Heisman as well. I thought we were talking about NFL success. Every Michigan starting QB since Elvis Grbac has played in the NFL, but I wouldnt even consider that any kind of argument now because the pro style offense is gone.

    The argument is, were rules broken? They are written right up at the top of the screen. Decide, were they or were they not? I cant give a yes or no answer, but it sure as hell looks like something that should at least be looked into. Yes, those players are friends with him, but they are enrolled at OSU, and he is an OSU recruit. Yes he knew them before they were enrolled, and no, he didnt know them before the recruiting process. See, its a bit of a grey area. Its not a "our desire to beat you at something" thing. Its a, was a rule broken, thing.

    Also, do some reading up. The only player from the fab 5 that took any money was Webber, and Id put his moral history up against Claretts any day. In fact, while you are reading up, look at the arrest records of Jones and Henry while they were actually playing at WVU. I bet the arrest records of Troy Smith and Clarett beat them.

    Notice, I never took any shots at you, your school, or your team. Just stated facts like you asked.

  22. Anonymous Etienne Sabino Says:

    OMG! I totally shot Pryor a deuce in passing at a Jeanette Dairy Queen while wearing my OSU letterjacket! I better call the clearing house ASAP and report this impropriety!

  23. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    You're damn right we're bragging about 4 in a row (soon to be 5). It's because I remember the Cooper era that I do, so get the f*ck over it ya pussy.

    Ignore all the BS you idiots are tossing back and forth. This is what it comes down too. RR isn't going to send Pryor to a successful NFL career. Maybe JT hasn't sent any superbowl winners in yet, but at least he's done better than RR. Not to mention, Michigan sucks, and will for probably the next 2+ years.

    So he either goes to scUM, loses to OSU at least twice, struggles to probably win the Big Ten MAYBE twice, and probably a BCS bowl, maybe ONE NC. Then he spends a few years in the NFL as a wide-out.


    He goes to OSU, wins the Big Ten EVERY year he's here (or at the very least competes for the title). Plays in a BCS bowl every year. Probably plays in 2-3 NC games (probably winning at least one). Then, he goes to the NFL and plays QB, whether successful or not.

    hmmmmmm, tough call...

  24. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Wally, Wally I am afraid you are missing my point. My arguement was never that RR was going to make pryor a better NFL QB. The spread offense, most of the time, doesn't mean NFL success. My point was that it was unfair to dub Tressel a better developer of talent than RR. It's like comparing apples and organes. RR was at WVU a good school with good talent. Tressel is at OSU a national power, yeah I said it, with unlimited sources. Don't you think it is easier to develop talent with those advantages?

    Lets wail until four years down the road and then we will compare who is the better developer of talent.

    One other thing, over the last five years WVU has more wins than OSU and MICH.

    And Desmond Howard, Heisman trophy and a Super Bowl MVP. Is that factual enough for ya?


  25. Anonymous Mike Says:

    Westy, You act like Tressel has some track record of producing NFL hall of famers. You also apparently own a DeLorian that you took up to 88 miles per hour to see the future. If you didnt do that, then you would just be speculating on whats gonna happen the next 4 years.

    The fact is, you dont know what will happen. RichRod has never been in a situation like this, so none of us know what will happen. If you want to go by past track records, Shaun King has done better in the NFL than any QB Tressel has coached. The fact of the matter is, if Pryor can make the throws, and read the defenses, he will make the NFL no matter who is coaching him. Just because RR has had running teams the last few years means nothing. Do you not think the ball can be thrown out of the spread? I invite you to watch the super bowl then. See how many plays the Patriots run spread. "Zone read" is just a part of the offense, not the whole thing.

    Wasn't this supposed to be a discussion about recruiting violations? Or do you prefer to change the subject during every reply on here?

  26. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    JT has only been coaching a school that sends players to the NFL for 6 years, and only had 2 multiseason starting QB's (Krenzel and Smith). Hardly a lengthy timeline to measure his QB record. Though if you want too, Krenzel was the back up for Carson Palmer for what, 3 years, til he finally decided he wasn't going to get any playing time and quit. And Smith is now the starting QB for his team.

    And yah I bet the Patriots will run the spread, but I also bet that Brady runs on MAYBE 2-3 plays, and odds are only because the pocket collapses. That's a BIG difference from what RR would have Pryor doing.

    And I'm not changing the subject at all, I'm just rolling with the subject that has been brought up.

  27. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    1) This argument is HILARIOUS. As Michigan fans, you HAVE to see that your crying foul about something that's not a violation and if it was would amount to nothing.

    2) You can talk about who has better pro's all you want but players becoming good after they get into the Pro's means they got the coaching they needed from the NFL and not college. You can't take credit for making Brady what he is today. When he was at UM he was being pushed for the starting job by Drew Henson and was a 6th RD draft pick. Indicating what the NFL teams thought he was worth while at UM. Since he latched onto a great NFL team and got the coaching he needed, he's become a star but that's because of N.E., not UM.

    If you want to know who the NFL thinks makes better pro players then look at the drafts.

    Stats from 2001 (1st year Jim Tressel was at OSU)

    Ohio State (Since 2001)
    53 players drafted (12- 1st RD picks, 27- 1st day picks)

    Michigan (Since 2001)
    32 players drafted (7-1st RD picks, 18-1st day picks).

    * Tressel's career at OSU(2001-2007), he's sent a total of 53 players to the draft for an average of 7.57 players per year.

    *Lloyd Carr's career at Michigan (1995-2007), he sent a total of 60 players to the draft for an average of 4.61 players per year.

    It's obvious the NFL likes what OSU produces over UM. Not knocking UM about this but just showing facts. Now I didn't go past 2001 because Tressel wasn't there so if your going to cry foul over that then here's the stats from 1990-1999.

    1990-1999 - OSU produced 45 draft picks

    1990-1999 - UM produced 47 draft picks

    In that span OSU produced 15 1st round draft picks and 28 on the first day of the draft.

    In that span UM produced 9 1st round draft picks and 20 on the first day of the draft.


  28. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    All of these Suckeye tools should be delivering pizzas or washing cars right now. Seriously, if none of you b!tches are worried about recruiting violations or how UM will perform next year then why are you c0ckgobbling d-bags even on this site?


  29. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    If you want to worry about recruiting violations then why don't you start a thread about RR calling at least 2 UM recruits on the night of Dec. 16th (before he resigned as WV coach AND during the NCAA's quiet period).

    You have your UM blinders on and are focusing on OSU. You have potential violations with your own head coach but you'd rather talk about some OSU recruits going to a friend B-Ball game.

    I'm glad OSU is on your mind so much but get over it.

  30. Anonymous Mike Says: Dead Period.

    A dead period is that period of time when it is not permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on or off the member institution's campus or to permit official or unofficial visits by prospective student-athletes to the institution's campus. The provision of complimentary admissions to a prospective student-athlete during a dead period is prohibited, except as provided in Bylaw for a prospective student-athlete who visits an institution as part of a group. During such a dead period, a coaching staff member may not serve as a speaker at or attend a meeting or banquet at which prospective student-athletes are in attendance, except as provided in Bylaw, and may not visit the prospective student-athletes' educational institutions. It remains permissible, however, for an institutional staff member to write or telephone prospective student-athletes during such a dead period.

    My goodness. Did I just dispute your claim of a recruiting violation with a real reason for saying you are wrong? Now if only someone could do that for OSUs possible recruiting violation

  31. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Mike, I hate to make you look like an idiot but what you described was the "DEAD PERIOD". I was talking about the "QUIET PERIOD". The NCAA's "DEAD PERIOD" was on Dec. 17th but Dec. 16th was in the NCAA"S "QUIET PERIOD".

    During the "QUIET PERIOD" you are not allowed to have contact of any kind. Sorry you had to go explain all that and end up being wrong.

  32. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    NCAA Recruiting Calendar


  33. Blogger Tim Says:

    Seeing the utter inability of OSU fans to understand what is and isn't a rules violation, even with the rules right in front of them, I now understand why they don't think OSU has broken any rules here.

  34. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    OK Tim, was Dec. 16th 2007 during the NCAA's Quiet Period or not?

    What don't I understand?

  35. Blogger Tim Says:

    Coaches are allowed one phone call per week, even in a quiet period. Your link relates to governing on- and off-campus visits and evaluation.

  36. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Ok, I'm being lazy and don't want to research it anymore but lets say your right. The coach is allowed 1 phone call per week. RR's phone records show "at least" 2 calls to UM recruits on the night of Dec. 16th. Even if what your saying is right, didn't he still violate the rules?

  37. Anonymous Mike Says:

    The quiet period is one call per week, per recruit. No violation. Was RR morally or ethicly wrong, maybe. But, no violation.

  38. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    Hey here's an idea, why don't all of you stop being whiny bitches? Whaa whaaa, RR called people when he wasn't supposed to, whaaaa some OSU recruits went and saw their buddy Pryor play bball...whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    You're worse than that bitch who complained that the McDonalds coffee was hot when she poored it in her lap. NO SHIT!

    RR calling those recruits made no difference in their recruiting (other than it just being a dick move because he hadn't even told his team yet).

    The OSU recruits going to see their buddy (and future team-mate) play bball, is no crime. Shit he's known Sweat since they were like 7. He's become great friends with Brewster, and he's about to be playing football with Shugarts. If that's a crime, then the NCAA can go to hell.

  39. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    westy - Hey, here's an idea, bitch: Why don't you put Tressel's cock in your mouth so we don't have to hear from you anymore? If you're so sure that nothing wrong was being done, they why drag your uneducated ass to this board? Can't you you just verbally blow other OSU fans on your own boards?

    Michigan fans everywhere

  40. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    Because I hate scUM. I hate everything to do with it. And I will jump at any opportunity to belittle, make fun of, ridicule, or in any other way put it in a negative light. That includes putting you retards in your place about frivolous attempts to belittle the greatest university in the world (tOSU). Where other OSU fans might try to find common ground with you, I say go to hell. I am the middle finger in the hand that is OSU, and frankly, you can go to hell.

  41. Anonymous Mike Says:

    westy, the thing is, you haven't "put us in our place", and because you, or nobody else could prove in some way that this was not a recruiting violation, I will believe it is. Granted, this is really really minor, but everyone knows there are violations at OSU. Hell, the whole Troy Smith being paid for a job he never showed up to thing a few years ago. Ive known that went on way before that. One of my high school classmates went to OSU and played linebacker. He used to laugh about his "job" that all he had to do during a day was show up, punch in, go home, and show up again to punch out. Its amazing the NCAA hasn't come calling yet. I mean please, 20+ arrests in Tressels first 5 years as coach? Do you realize that over that time, you were the most arrested team in all of college footabll? That even beats Miami. Turn your blind eye, and blind loyalty, sooner or later this is gonna come around and bite you.

    You can talk PacMan and Chris Henry all you want about RR. Fact is, neither of the EVER GOT ARRESTED FOR ANYTHING while playing for him. I will say Tressel has made great strides in keeping his thugs under controll. Theres only been like 4 arrests in the last year and a half. Keep in mind though, your backup quarterback (if Pryor doesnt come) offered an undercover cop $20 to have sex with him. That conduct got him booted from the team for less that 7 days.

    Your school cheats. Plain and simple. Get off your high horse.

  42. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    Ok dumb ass, FIRST OFF. Troy Smith was suspended for accepting some sports apparel from a booster, that totaled around $200. He DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A JOB while he was on campus. and 20+ arrests? Are you retarded? IF we had that many arrests it would be ALL OVER THE NEWS. We get villainized on ESPN for shit that didn't even happen, if you had 20+ proven arrests, we would be Thug U, not Miami.

    OSU has had ONE arrest in the last year too ya idiot. I know, I watch this stuff. It was Henton who got BULLSHITTED by an undercover. I saw the video the police made of it. The lady flagged him down, near campus, and goes "where's the party?" He answered "what?" Then she made an offer for sex, and he drove away. Only to be pulled over down the street and arrested for solicitation. People down here will attest to Columbus PD being second only to the cops in New Orleans in jack-assery.

    The only reason he didn't contest it at all, is because JT told him you wont' play while this is going on, even if you end up being innocent.

    The only "cheat" you could pull in the ENTIRE JT era, is MC. And even there, the football program as a whole was found completely innocent.

    You have the f*cking unfab 5 to your credit. hmmm, who's cheating now?

  43. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    Oh and for the record, while Henton was being falsely accused of solicitation, he was not allowed to play in any games. He didn't play one down this entire season, largely because JT said he couldn't for 8 games (before Henton finally sucked it up and took a plea bargain).

  44. Blogger Tim Says:

    People who are "falsely accused" of things don't have to accept plea agreements.

    Not going out of my way to criticize OSU here, just the dumb thing that the previous commenter said.

  45. Anonymous Westy81585 Says:

    You're right, they shouldn't have to take plea bargains. But his football career was on hold. As long as he was indicted (that's when they charge you before actually taking you to court right?) JT said he wouldn't play a down of football for OSU. The prosecutor and the courts told him he wouldn't even get to trial until this spring (quick and fair my ass). So even if he was completely innocent, he wouldn't play any football til the matter was settled. He wanted to play, so he took the plea bargain and settled it instantly.

  46. Anonymous Mike Says:


    That link takes you through may 2005.
    There are 19 incidents there involving 20 players. Not all are arrests though

    Then theres Henton Sept - 07
    Alex Boone - April 06

    Theres a dead period from may 05 to april 06 that I havent been able to find info on, but I did read an article that said there were 4 arrests during that time.

    So what are we looking at? 26 players? Way to go ThugU.

  47. Anonymous Mike Says:

    Oh, and like I said before, Chris Webber was the only one of the fab 5 to take money. But good job bringing up something from 12 years ago.

  48. Anonymous westy81585 Says:

    19 incidents not all involving arrests. Why if I didn't know any better I'd say we have 20 college kids engaged in some typical shenanigans (at worst). I got pulled over a few weeks ago for no front license plate, technically that would make this list. But I'd hardly consider it a crime. In fact most of these involve alcohol. That's a huge infraction right there, you're right. We better call up the NCAA and let them know they're missing a huge college drinking story here at OSU.

  49. Anonymous gobucks1999 Says:

    Lets face it here Mike, you're jealous. OSU has had a GREAT run the last 5 or so years, and looks like they're going to continue. Now to make matters worse, they're pulling in the #1 recruit, a QB, instead of Michigan. You're jealous, and you're pulling at whatever you can to try to bring down a good program. But unfortunately for you, none of it's true. You're trying to make little stuff into big stuff, and nothing into something.

    Get over it, Michigan will be back eventually.

  50. Anonymous Mike Says:

    Just like you westy. Same thing youve been doing all along. Proof appears and you do your best to trivialize it. Notice at the top of that article, that it says it omits traffic violations. I never said there were murderers and rapists on the team. Fact is, there were 20+ arrests, so according to this statement;

    "if you had 20+ proven arrests, we would be Thug U, not Miami."
    -westy81585 1/31/2008

    you are not the new Thug U.

    And gobucks, its not a jealousy thing. I root for OSU all but one week per year. Its just that you have some asinine fans that just needed to be proven wrong. In no way am I trying to bring down a good program. The NCAA has never, and probably wont call me for advice. Im just trying to bring down a couple of arrogant fans who dont ever come with facts to support their argument, then try to trivialize things when proven wrong. My statements have in no way been aimed at the masses, just a couple people.

  51. Anonymous Westy81585 Says:

    You said yourself it was 20+ "incidents" with police. That doesn't mean 20+ arrests. And I'm willing to wager you can find this stuff at just about any university.

    It wasn't a rules violation, and even if it was it would be a pretty retarded rule (which even you could agree too). I wouldn't be crying wolf if a bunch of Michigan players had gone to see Pryor at a BBall game.

    Gobucks is right, you're jealous. Man up.