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The Pryor Obsession Continues

Michigan really needs this kid. (In Michigan's favor, what other school can say they'd be screwed without him?)

An article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review states what has essentially become common knowledge by this point: Pitt is not a factor.

"Pitt's out, period. I won't go there, for sure," Pryor said. "I get false stuff said about me all the time. I'm used to it."

Pryor already took an official visit to Ohio State and said he counts Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana State, Oregon and Penn State among his finalists.

"I want to play in a college town, a facility that has 100,000 and is packed," Pryor said. "That's how I want to do it."

Stadiums of schools that Pryor has stated he is still interested in (Capacity, and average percentage of capacity per game in '07)
  1. Michigan: 107,501 (103%)
  2. Penn State: 107,282 (102%)
  3. Ohio State: 102, 329 (103%)
  4. Louisiana State: 91,600 (101%)
  5. Florida: 88,548 (101%)
  6. Oregon: 54,000 (109%)
Only the Big Ten schools have over 100,000 seats, though all schools have consistently "packed" stadiums: Oregon is the outlier on the high end, with 109% of capacity (58,845 per game), but its stadium is also half the size of Michigan's.

By this criterion, all but the Big Ten schools (and maybe LSU or Florida, but probably not, especially because LSU got involved really late) are eliminated. This follows the conventional wisdom at this point, by which Pryor is down to Michigan and OSU, with maybe PSU sneaking in close.

From this list of three, Columbus is certainly not a college town ("college town" != "town with a college," and even still Columbus is a big city). State College is a very nice college town, though it is in the middle of nowhere. Ann Arbor is slightly less of a college town, but it is accessible to the outside world as well (and is only 20 minutes from DTW).

Taking into account only the factor stated in the article, it seems like Michigan and PSU are the best destinations, though of course, it is expected to be a UM/OSU decision.


“The Pryor Obsession Continues”

  1. Anonymous Keegan Says:

    I guess Oregon picked up a 4* dual threat QB yesterday so let's hope that rules them out.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    I get the distinct vibe that everyone other than Michigan and OSU has been essentially ruled out.

    Pryor's father has a disability that limits his mobility, so the college's being within driving distance is a factor.