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Michigan Stadium Construction Prevents Spring Game

Not only will graduating seniors at UM not have the ability to graduate in the Big House, but the construction that is currently underway will also prevent Michigan from hosting a spring game in the nation's largest football stadium, as well.

Fans of the Wolverines were excited to get their first look at the 2008 squad this spring, with a return to the tradition of hosting a spring game. Rodriguez's West Virginia teams took part in the yearly tradition, and the Michigan headman was expected to have his new team face off in the Big House.

The unavailability of Michigan Stadium won't necessarily preclude the Wolverines from having any spring game, however. There is still the possibility that Michigan could have their inaugural spring classic at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. For Field will be unavailable on April 19 and 26th, as Team Michigan of the AAFL will be playing home games on those dates, but the field is not in use on April 12th. The Michigan open spring practice (not game) took place April 14th last year.

The possibility of a spring game in Ford Field has both positive and negative aspects for the Michigan football program. In terms of negatives, this makes it significantly more difficult, if not impossible, for many students to attend the game. Additionally, it prevents recruits from being able to experience the Big House for the first time. On the other hand, a spring game in Detroit allows easier access for many (right on I-75), and since the previous spring practices weren't too well attended, maybe the on-campus location wasn't such a big deal in the first place. Additionally, those who were concerned about Rich Rodriguez's ability to recruit Detroit may be comforted by the fact that his squad will be exposed to citizens of Motor City firsthand.

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“Michigan Stadium Construction Prevents Spring Game”

  1. Anonymous RumpelForeskin Says:

    I think that it sucks. I attend most years and really enjoy getting to "The Big House", in the off season. Would it be free, if it is held at Ford Field?