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Rodriguez's Potential Staff

With Rodriguez's bringing OC/Running Backs Coach Calvin Magee and DB Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Tony Gibson to the introductory press conference, it can be assumed that those two are near-mortal locks to be on the new Michigan staff. The Charleston Daily Mail provides additional information:
The source said Rodriguez is also interested in retaining defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Jeff Casteel, safeties coach Bruce Tall, associate head coach/special teams coordinator/tight ends coach Bill Stewart and strength and conditioning coordinator Mike Barwis.
This leaves open the Quarterbacks Coach, the Wide Receivers Coach, the Offensive Line Coach, and the Defensive Line Coach. However, other shuffling may take place. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Rodriguez may want to relieve Gibson of head recruiter duties:
[Rodriguez asked West Virginia to] Hire seven graduate assistants and a new recruiting coordinator, to ease the duties performed by secondary coach Tony Gibson.
Most of the holes in the staff are likely to be filled by members of Michigan's current coaching corps. A guess at the staff would look like to following:
  • Head Coach Rich Rodriguez
  • Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs Calvin Magee
  • Quarterbacks Coach Scot Loeffler
  • Wide Receivers Coach Erik Campbell
  • Offensive Line Coach
  • Tight Ends Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Bill Stewart
  • Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Jeff Casteel
  • Defensive Backs Coach Tony Gibson
  • Safeties Coach Bruce Tall
  • Defensive Line Coach Steve Stripling
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Barwis
  • Recruiting Coordinator Mike Singletary
As of now, it appears as though Ron English will be out, as well as Fred Jackson. Of course, this is just a guess at the staff (and it will need to be whittled down further, as only 9 assistant coaches are permitted by NCAA rules). The only as-yet-unfilled post is Offensive Line Coach. I would love to see someone like former WVU assistant and current Florida State O-Line/Assistant Head Coach Rick Trickett. He is one of the best in the business at that position, but it is likely that he will be looking for promotion to coordinator or head coaching duties elsewhere.

Points of disappointment? The retention of Defensive Coordinator Jeff Casteel. While West Virginia was 4th in the nation in total defense, the caliber and style of offenses in the Big Ten is a far cry from the likes of the BIG EAST. It would have been superior to pull for a big name outside of either program to fill the role. However, it is likely that Casteel can adapt, and his defenses play an aggressive, attractive style.

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“Rodriguez's Potential Staff”