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The Miles Situation

By now you've heard and read everything about what happened over the weekend with Les Miles. He's not coming to Michigan and before I close the book on him and open it up to other candidates, I just want to say one thing:

Les Miles was the wrong coach for this job.

First off after the SEC title game on Saturday, Miles was of course asked about Michigan and he professed his love for the school and its football program. However, he made a remark at the end of his press conference along the lines of they will eventually beat Ohio State.

If I'm Mike Hart, I take more offense to that comment than he did to the comments Jim Harbaugh made in the preseason. This was a poke at Lloyd Carr, who as has also been reported does not have a great relationship with Miles. Hart has always been the first one to defend Carr and rightfully so. I'm a little surprised that this hasn't been blown up a little bigger. Michigan probably was holding out hope that it could still get Miles and wanted to keep quiet. Either way, what's done is done and we move on.

Michigan next coach should be...Brady Hoke. I know that you all think this is crazy, but tell me this. Where did Urban Meyer coach before coming to Gainesville? What about Jim Tressel? Michigan needs a guy who is ambitious and wants to prove that he belongs on the national stage. It makes no sense to go after a guy like Gary Pinkel or Kirk Ferentz. While both have had some success, they've been inconsistent and struggled to win with similar resources that Michigan has. Brady Hoke has never had the resources that Michigan would offer. This year Ball State went 5-2 in the MAC and lost to Nebraska by one in Lincoln. We all remember the game they gave Michigan last year. He was also an assistant under Lloyd Carr for eight years before going to Ball State.

Michigan has to take a risk with its next football coach. No matter who its going to be it will be a risk because we are so used to the consistency of the program since Bo got here and there is no legitimate candidate who can assure Michigan football will maintain that level of consistency. Why not offer a guy a chance to win on the biggest stage? Ferentz and Pinkell have already proven they cannot do this consistently, so they would be an even bigger risk.

“The Miles Situation”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Watch the video of what he said:


    To me, it wasn't meant to be a shot at Michigan. It was said when he was wishing that he could be there and at LSU.

  2. Anonymous Pete Says:

    Please tell me you have other people in mind than Brady Hoke? Please tell me you have a top 5 list? 'Michigan has to take a risk' WTF do you mean by that? We cannot afford to take a risk, we do not need to take a risk. There are many other good football coaches out there. What UM needs to do is take a deep breath, due some due diligence and decide on a direction. They obviously have not put much thought into this!