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Learn me on Jim Grobe

Who is Jim Grobe? Besides the latest Michigan candidate du jour, Grobe is the current coach of Wake Forest.

Grobe has coached the Demon Deacons since 2001, going 45-31 at the second-worst football school in the ACC. This includes a 2006 season in which Wake went 11-3, winning the conference title. Midwest ties? Grobe's got 'em, having served as coach of the Ohio Bobcats from 1995-2000.

Biggest drawbacks on Grobe?
  1. Age. Grobe is 55. This is only 1 year older than Les Miles, but Miles's age is easier to overlook with his superior coaching record.
  2. Grobe recently signed a ten-year extension at Wake Forest, and turned down the Arkansas job, leading many to believe that he is not keen on leaving Winston-Salem.
  3. Grobe is low-key, and many consider him a newer version of Lloyd Carr.
And the positives? His defenses have always played well, and he is a good enough coach to go 11-3. At Wake Forest. No, seriously. Wake Forest. Considering his age and demeanor as another Lloyd, if Grobe were to get the job, one must assume that it would be as some sort of transition-like period, and Grobe would coach for 5-8 years before retiring.


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“Learn me on Jim Grobe”