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Coach Rod on Mike Tirico Show

Rich Rodriguez appeared on ESPN Radio's Mike Tirico Show this afternoon. Clip Here. Highlights here:

  • The biggest surprise to Rodriguez so far is the amount of money being poured into the football program soon, including the stadium renovations, new indoor facility, etc.
  • In the next month, Rodriguez will put his staff together (last week through this week), work on recruiting, and determine transition plan.
  • Difficult to fire all the old assistants. He is rehiring almost all of the support staff, and has rehired Fred Jackson, no word on whether any other UM assistants will be rehired. He cited loyalty to his WVU staffers as one reason to drag them around.
  • The staff is expected to be complete by January 7th.
  • The spread can be adapted to fit the offensive skill personnel. Shaun King, etc. have been Rodriguez system guys that have thrown a lot more. He has spoken to the Michigan receivers and quarterbacks about probably throwing it more than he has at WVU.
  • Coach Rod understands that the UM/OSU rivalry is a big deal. However, Michigan State and Notre Dame are big rivalries, and the winningest team in college football history is EVERYONE's biggest game. OSU is the most important each year, but for now, he is concerned about Michigan and Michigan only.
  • Lloyd Carr has been very supportive of Rodriguez since he took the job. He will get information about the players from coach Carr.
  • Capital One Bowl: Coach Rod will return to Ann Arbor next week, and has observed and evaluated the program and the players. He will attend the bowl game, but does not intend to be a big distraction to the team. No word on preparing his new team for the spread offense of the Gators.

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“Coach Rod on Mike Tirico Show”