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The Aftermath

What a day.

The take-home point from the Les Miles debacle is not "LSU offered more money, so Les is going there." Sure, that may be true, but something much more important happened. A completely unexpected turn of events notwithstanding, Les Miles will not be coming to Michigan. Not next year, not ever. Miles knows this. By treating Michigan the way he did, he officially torched any remaining bridge he had to Michigan.

The most interesting part of this, is that Miles has made no secret of his desire to end up as the head coach at Bo's school eventually. It's been his goal ever since he played under Schembechler. So maybe Miles doesn't love Michigan as much as he says, or maybe he really does just value money more than the loyalty he's been preaching about since his days at Oklahoma State.

If Les Miles loved Michigan as much as he says he does, he still might not be the next Wolverines head coach. What he did, however, was prevent himself from ever being the coach here. Enjoy your $35 Million, Les.

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“The Aftermath”